NHS X-ray

With Jeremy Hunt embroiled in a bitter struggle with junior doctors over a new contract — ostensibly part of his plans for a so-called ‘seven-day NHS’ — the Daily Telegraph has been slammed for suggesting that patients with suspected fractures can’t get X-rays at NHS hospitals on a Sunday.

Press regulator IPSO set up by said in a ruling:

“It was accepted that NHS radiology departments in many hospitals are open seven days a week for emergencies. The article, however, had given the significantly misleading impression that patients cannot access radiology services in NHS hospitals on Sundays.”

And the source of the story? Well — let’s just say he should be grateful there is no regulator for patients with political axes to grind:

Michael Gove X-ray article in Telegraph

Gove’s columnist wife Sarah Vine complained after he turned up at an NHS care centre whose radiology section was closed on Sundays — as opposed to his local hospital where he can get X-rays day and night.

It later emerged that the centre was, errrr, privately run by Virgin Care.

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