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A Nationalist MP linked to a police investigation over £30,000 in missing campaign funds attempted to blame terrorism for her disappearance from Twitter shortly before the scandal broke.

Writing on her Facebook page late on Friday night, the SNP’s Natalie McGarry said that she was effectively quitting Twitter “especially after recent events in Paris and Lebanon”:

Natalie McGarry Facebook

But what she didn’t mention is that Women For Independence (WFI), a non-profit group she co-founded, were poised to call in the police that weekend over £30,000 missing from a PayPal account to which she had access:

“We have exhausted all opportunities of obtaining adequate evidence or explanation to account for this discrepancy.”

Concerns were first raised with McGarry — who was reportedly responsible for financial management at the prominent campaign group — months ago:

“It’s understood the complaint was sparked when McGarry was unable to explain what had happened to the money.”

A statement issued by her solicitor says “she is certain that there has been no wrong doing on her part” and that she has been advised not to comment on the matter.

Refusing to answer questions from the press. Disappearing from social media. Whatever happened to that pledge to her constituents?

“Politicians need to be responsible to the people they represent, and that means being open and accessible … I won’t hide away behind closed doors or in the corridors of Westminster. That is my pledge to you.”*

With another MP already suspended from the party’s group in Westminster, McGarry will hopefully be able to furnish the SNP whips office an explanation.

  1. What a complete load of bollocks,….she hasn’t ‘disappeared’ from social media – – she can be quite easily found on this link! Quite obviously she won’t be answering questions to the press as they will be ridiculously misinterpreted as they have been in this ridiculous article. If she says there has been no wrong doing on her part then the likelihood is there hasn’t! Piss poor journalism!

  2. Natalie McGarry is an entitled brat with no scruples, to use the Paris attacks as an excuse to close her Twitter at 23:18 on a Friday night knowing the e
    Real reason was her imminent suspensions tell you everything you need to know about her character. She also is deleting all decent and comments on here Facebook and blocking the users, hundreds of hers a day after this surfaced, she even blocked several other WFI peers who raised the missing money with her. How does that in any way compare with her false pledge that she will.

    “be responsible to the people she represents and that means being open and accessible … I won’t hide away behind closed doors, That is my pledge to you.”

    She can carry on regardless for now, but the reality of her brash brat style is there for all to see.

  3. If you’re going to dismiss an article as ‘bollocks’ Mary, at least be so good as to read the damn thing! Twitter is ONE form of social media – and she has indeed ‘disappeared’ from it intentionally, placing the blame on angry exchanges of views linked to recent acts of terrorism. Whether that was the real reason is, of course, open to each person’s own interpretation. No doubt you will take her at her word. On everything!

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