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Revelations that embattled MP Natalie McGarry transferred a ‘four-figure cash sum’ in an effort to resolve the issue of funds ‘missing’ from a campaign group she co-founded are set to open up a whole new can of worms for the Scots nationalist — who has already made herself available for interview by police.

The Daily Record reports of the burgeoning scandal at Women For Independence:

“It’s understood McGarry accepts the bookkeeping of the group was poor and attempted to resolve the situation with the payment late this summer.”

So will this be accounted for, exactly?

The Electoral Commission and parliament’s standards watchdog might well take the view that a registered nationalist campaign group extended a loan of at least £1,000 to someone who became an SNP candidate for parliament — and that the money was only paid back after he was deselected:

So can McGarry explain why this arrangement was not declared to parliament as per the Members’ Code of Conduct 

Natalie McGarry Register of Members' Interests

… and can she further explain why this was never disclosed under electoral law?

Electoral Commission loan definition

McGarry strongly denies wrongdoing.

  1. Hmm, this is the most important thing in the world right now then? Not Labour MPS clamouring for war. And how did the Labour Party supporting Daily Record come up with the figure of £30k?

  2. The Record got that figure from the executive of Women for Independence, which includes a number of SNP candidates for next May.

  3. What’s wrong Pardeep? Should the SNP and their members be immune from all criticism or any scrutiny? If you don’t know where the £30K figure came from then perhaps you don’t know as much about this story as you think you do.

  4. Ms McGarry is part of the Fife SNP Clan/Family that hounded out Henry McLeash out as First minister for illegally subletting his constituency office. He let a charity use the spare room.

  5. Hypocrisy Finder General 2 says:

    Dear Political Scrapbook – You have nothing new to say and the police are already investigating the matter, so what’s the point of you just regurgitating old tabloid conjecture?

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