Met Police terror exercise

In October, London Metropolitan Police chief Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe expressed fears that government cuts could leave London ill-equipped to deal with a roaming firearms attack such as we have just seen in Paris:

“Should we get a roaming firearms attack could we deal with it?  With a smaller force can we maintain firearms ability?”

Responding to concerns just a week ago, home secretary Theresa May explained that because of cuts, the police will just have to manage with fewer officers:

“There is no escaping the fact that spending reductions may lead to there being fewer people, fewer buildings and less room for error”

But since the tragic events on the continent, May has now claimed that there would be a greater police presence in certain areas:

“People will see an increased presence of police and Border Force at all ports … There has been an increased police presence at some events”

While London’s mayor Boris Johnson has today promised that more officers with firearms training will be available:

“We will be beefing up the whole response so that we are able to respond to more venues at once … We are working to make sure we can deploy across a larger number of areas faster.”

So will Osborne get his chequebook out in next week’s joint spending review and autumn statement — or will police chiefs in cities need to find yet more cuts … ahem, sorry … ‘savings’ elsewhere?

  1. London again & more money for the Police what about the rest of the U.K. If the mega rich people living in London need extra Police they should pay for what happened about We Are All In It Together speech Prime Minister

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