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The Tories’ harsh welfare regime has been dealt yet another blow — with a study linking so-called Work Capability Assessments (WCAs) to hundreds of suicides.

The news comes after a coroner blamed the suicide of a disabled man on a fit-to-work test and Iain Duncan Smith lost a battle to keep secret the DWP statistics on the deaths of ‘fit to work’ claimants.

The Oxford and Liverpool University researchers which conducted the study concluded:

“The programme of reassessing people on disability benefits using the work capability assessment was independently associated with an increase in suicides …

“This policy may have had serious adverse consequences for mental health in England, which could outweigh any benefits that arise from moving people off disability benefits.

The DWP have responded by calling the report “wholly misleading”. And well they might.

Back in 2006 Iain Duncan Smith called for “liability for suicide” to be made a criminal offence.  Attempting to introduce new legislation, Duncan Smith told the Commons:

“I urge the Government to think positively about including an offence of liability for suicide in any new legislation, and also carefully to consider expanding the definition of diminished responsibility so that it includes a proper recognition of psychological injury.

Though this push was made in the context of domestic abuse, the relevance of this principle for IDS’ current portfolio are obvious.

So will IDS be handing himself in at Chingford Police Station if research establishes a causal link between DWP policies and suicide?

  1. Judging by the amount of ‘pro-DWP’ comments this is generating across the forums, it must be hitting the mark with a disproprtionate amount of Tory trolls being mobilised to refute and condemn. This study is, according to the Royal College of Psychiatrists of “high quality”.
    How does this team of sociopathic ministers in the DWP escape censure from Cameron, is it because he is just a PR wonk and very weak when it comes to actual leadership?
    It’s about time Cameron ‘bit the bullet’ and fired the lot of them for the criminal incompetence that leads to such unnecessary and quantifable distress

  2. Stop all benefit imediitly my naybours never worked for 30 years and go away abroad 6 times every year. they have 4 cars 10 bedrooms house and get 1000 pounds every week of thr job center. he says his disabybold but runs marathuns evry munth and is body bilder.

  3. It’s about time that the true figures were released for what this government has done to the poor, sick and disabled in this country. They need to be held accountable. People are now having to cope without a loved one!!! for goodness sake!!! All because the government would rather make the lives of vulnerable people unbearable, than target the tax evaders and the banks!!!! It is sickening and the conservatives should be charged with manslaughter for every single death!!!!!

  4. we spend to much money on them they shud work like evrywone else do. the countree is broke. all of they lie abot illnusses. stop benefit now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Wow
    Tory trolls try typing like they are illiterate. So this highly illiterate person lives in a neighbourhood with 10 bedroom houses.

    Probabally thinks that us oikes have 5 bedroom houses on council estates.

  6. “Peter Jones”, clear off this board. If you’re a Tory troll trying to sound like a normal person supporting IDS’s policies, you’re embarrassingly transparent. If you genuinely spell as you have, you need to go back to school immediately as it seems English wasn’t on your curriculum.

  7. Peter,
    I’d gladly swap my wheelchair, indignity and daily screeching pain with you. As for lying, I do daily when I reply with “yes, I’m fine!” when people ask me how I am.

    I do work, and thanks to a wonderful employer have maintained some sanity from this, however I can wholeheartedly say that just the forms (interview aside) required to claim assistance to pay for mobility aids are horrendously degrading.

    Rather than listening to political rhetoric, perhaps talk to a few disabled people. Because we are just that – people.

  8. Wow, some real soulless (and brainless by the look of the writing – it’s not hard with spellchecker ffs) idiot Tory trolls on here. True nazi values – send the disabled to a work camp, cut off funding for paraplegic soldiers with PTSD, true British values there! yeah civilization has truly moved backwards nitwits like you PJ!

    Watch out for karma, it will come for you. I guess you have access to their medical records and bank accounts before writing your nonsense too, or are you just full of it? (That does not need an answer – anyone with half a brain cell can see straight through your twisted bitter lies).

  9. Hypocrisy Finder General 2 says:

    Laziness Discoverer #1 – It’s for the author of the article to demonstrate a link between the two. They have not, so it’s tenuous…… hen.

  10. Yes ‘Peter Jones’ I think we should really crack down on families receiving thousands every year from the taxpayer. I know of one family who live on an estate and have received around one hundred thousand pounds from taxpayers each and every year for at least the last 10 years. Perhaps IDS should start with them? It would be quite easy considering the family in question, lets call them the Smiths, are the wife, son and brother in law of a certain Iain Duncan Smith and have received this for simply owning land.

  11. I understand that welfare reform should always be looked at as a means of cutting the deficit, but when it’s driving disabled people to suicide, while money is handed to corporations in tax breaks, their labour costs subsidised through workfare etc, the corporate tax rate itself is slashed to 18% and the government wish to spend £45 billion on a useless railway line, you begin to wonder whether their priorities are in order, and if this is just ideological war on the sick and vulnerable.

  12. my dissaybullered naybour uz just bort a yott with is ESA frum the Job center. IDS for king and pryme minstrell !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Long livv de Sun an de Daylee MAyull an Consurveateevee partee !!!!!!!!!!

    Dissaybulled – wurkhowse or dye NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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