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Some people might be a bit surprised that the Daily Mail — a newspaper which normally likes to support the police — has a front page story this morning excoriating and vilifying police chiefs:

mail front page

Interestingly, these dramatic allegations by the Mail come just two days after several police chiefs strongly criticised George Osborne in a professional journal for his “farcical” and “chaotic” reforms:

Chief constables: ‘Farcical reform process needs to stop’


Maybe. But the Mail’s attack on senior police officers also comes just one day after the newspaper attacked senior NHS managers:


And these attacks from the Mail also come just days after criticisms in the media from other NHS managers on Osborne’s planned cuts:

“The NHS is headed for financial ruin”

“Ministers are in denial about what is happening”

Osborne is apparently Mail editor Paul Dacre’s favourite politician — and with the newspaper’s political editor now officially working as the chancellor’s spin doctor — we can assume this may be more than just the usual anti-public sector rantings of the right-wing press.

With Osborne’s controversial Autumn Statement due in just two weeks time, the Mail seems to be carrying out a campaign of intimidation on behalf of George Osborne against anyone of influence in the public sector speaking out against him and his unpopular cuts to front-line public services.

Whatever the merits of exposing individual excesses: the broader message to public sector leaders is clear.

Step out of line — and face the consequences.

  1. Hypocrisy Finder General says:

    “Me” (Tom) – Are you willing to actually discuss the issue rather than making infantile comparisons with Fox News? I bet you aren’t……

  2. “A campaign of intimidation”? Are the Mail no longer allowed to point out when public sector chiefs cream off tens of thousands, then?

  3. How much of it is true though. They’re quite good at being economical with the truth and taking things out of context.

  4. Hypocrisy Finder General, please take your trolling elsewhere. We’re not interested in your right-wing thoughts, assuming you do actually think rather than eat your right-wing rags for breakfast then regurgitate them. Your name isn’t amusing by the way.

  5. Hypocrisy Finder General 2 says:

    Mike – You’ve got the wrong end of the stick! Do you think taking the p*ss out of Tom Pride for putting two trash tabloid stories together and concocting an intimidation conspiracy makes me right wing? The Daily Mail invents half of the stories it publishes, so what does that tell you about somebody who adds two of them together and claims the result is reality?

  6. The organisation I work for apparently gets foi requests all the time from tabloids just looking for how they can spin it to fit their agenda on a quiet news day.

    Pity the public still fall for the spin – imho it’s so transparent!

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