Nick Harvey

A former Liberal Democrat MP, who was turfed out by voters last May, has given a rant an extraordinarily honest summary of why he thinks the party was decimated at the general election.

Nick Harvey — who was Lib Dem MP for North Devon from 1992 until 2015 — doesn’t mince his words when it comes to what he calls the “drastically flawed” electoral strategy and vested interests of his party’s leadership:

“Far too narrow a cell with too vested an interest in the status quo had determined the strategy, which proved to be drastically flawed”

In his article for Liberator magazine, Harvey also attacks his own party for refusing to admit their failings in government, instead claiming Nick Clegg and other party leaders offered voters “a diet of backward-looking self-congratulation on what we had achieved in coalition”:

“On and on we warbled like a cracked record”

And Harvey ends by offering the astute and thoughtful observation that regardless of their strategy, the Lib Dems were probably, err … in a bit of pickle anyway:

“What we may never know is what difference a better strategy would have made. It may just be, with all that happened, that we were simply f*cked anyway”

Read the full rant here:

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