Knights Templar International

The UK’s advertising regulator has banned an advert from an anti-Muslim group after it appealed for donations to fund work work on the borders of the EU which … errrrr … didn’t seem to be happening.

Exploiting the migration crisis back in August, Knights Templar International (KTI) — linked to mosque-invading goons Britain First — asked their fellow bigots for cash to support their so-called ‘Templars’ in Hungary:

“This is why we have Templars on the ground in Hungary. Chaotic scenes at the border with Greece, as migrants attempt to clamber on board packed trains. You can help our Mission.”

“Remember, if we do not stop them over there the west will be flooded.”

But unfortunately someone called bullsh*t to the Advertising Standards Agency — who ruled that the claims of work on the borders of Europe were misleading and could not be substantiated

The ASA considered that readers would understand from the claims in the ad that KTI had, at the time it appeared, members in Hungary carrying out work related to KTI and that donating to them would contribute towards that work.

We had been provided with photos which indicated that at some point individuals identifying themselves as KTI observers (via their jackets) had visited Hungary. However, the photos were undated and we had not been provided with any other evidence relating to the organisation’s work in Hungary to demonstrate that at the point the ad appeared KTI had members in Hungary carrying out KTI work.

We had also not been provided with evidence that donating funds to KTI would contribute towards activities in Hungary. We therefore concluded that the claims were misleading.

Taking supporters’ money on dubious grounds … not exactly a first for the far-right.

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