Junior doctor protest

With 98% of junior doctors voting for strike action in their dispute with the government over a new contract, the campaign group ‘Patient Concern’ is first out the traps to criticise the move:

The body — which does not have a proper website — is co-founded by Roger Goss (MA) and seems mainly to be a platform enabling him to give quotes to the press.

Here’s what Roger had to say about women doctors on Radio 5 Live two years ago:

“It’s outrageous that so many surgeries operate on the basis of ordinary office hours. And even worse, because about half of GPs are women, they only want to work Monday and Wednesday afternoons, and having been paid for at the taxpayer’s expense in many cases, they really ought to be required a minimum number of hours a week.

Challenged as to his evidence for this astonishing claim Goss floundered:

“The evidence is all the people who call us on our helpline, or email us, and tell us they can’t get an appointment, can never see their own doctor, because they’re only there a couple of days a week.”

Is this a helpline for people that have a problem with women?

Photo: Garry Knight

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