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Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith is threatening to resign if George Osborne announces any more cuts to his precious welfare reforms —  in particular the ‘Titanic’ disaster that is the government’s plans to introduce Universal Credit for benefits claimants.

Someone clearly needs to take the blame for his mess.  IDS and his department have been accused of “leaking money like a sieve” despite government figures showing that fraud and error in the benefit system are at an all-time low.

I wouldn’t go holding your breath though. Scrapbook calculates this is at least the 4th time IDS has threatened to quitonce before in 2011 and at least twice in 2010.

In fact, IDS is much more likely to allow one of his civil servants to fall on his or her sword. He’s already replaced the head of the Universal Credit project five times in just three years:

In other words, IDS does what any self-respecting Tory minister does when faced with accusations of incompetence.

He blames the servants.

  1. Jonathan Wilson says:

    In other articles IDS says “greater losses for millions more families…” [If UC taper rates are changed.] Which begs the question; errrm, how? There is only about 146,000 on it (last time I looked. The intended target was 7 million by 2015, so 2% fulfilment). The only way it would be true, millions, would be if his original time scale had been implemented.

    At the current rate he will be lucky to get a million on it by 2020 (He would need to force 140,000 a month on to it to reach his target – that’s never going to happen) and even if he does there is a huge chance it will collapse under the strain of trying to process weekly and monthly pay data into the system. When it goes down, it will not affect one benefit (as would happen now) but all of the benefits tied into this single system.

    Its a nightmare situation with everyone, self-employed, working, or otherwise, loosing all payment in one go. At least with the current system if say ESA goes down, child benefit and tax credits and housing benefit will still be paid… with UC – when it fails – everything gets hit in one huge Universal Cockup.

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