Dominic Cummings

The eurosceptic campaign Vote Leave have reported a leading business group for the use of alleged dodgy pollingThe Times (£) reported yesterday:

“The CBI is facing an embarrassing investigation by the British Polling Council, amid claims that its survey showing that eight out of ten businesses supported staying in the EU was rigged.

“The row centres on the sample used by YouGov, which Vote Leave claims was “wholly unrepresentative” of Britain’s 5.2 million companies. For example, only 20.5 per cent of the respondents had fewer than 50 employees, despite the fact that 99.2 per cent of British businesses employ fewer than 50 people.

The matter of the complaint from Vote Leave’s campaign director (wonky bruiser Dominic Cummings, above) was compounded when British Polling Council officer Nick Moon accidentally pressed ‘reply-all’ on an email intended solely for his colleagues:

“Bugger – at first glance the odious Cummings might be onto something.”

Well, Cummings would know.

He joined the Eurosceptic ‘Business for Sterling’ (BfS) campaign in 1999, going on to become its director. This on BfS from a dossier published by a pro-EU group in October 2000:

“Its polling methodology and conclusions have been criticised by two business organisations … for “biased” weighting towards the views of smaller businesses, which trade less with the EU and are less favourable to the European single currency than larger businesses”

Dominic Cummings polling Business for Sterling

Errr … looks like crafty Cummings is complaining about his own tactics.

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