UK nastiest Tory

A Tory councillor in Rugby has been accused of posting a racist comment on Twitter about Labour’s candidate for Mayor of London Sadiq Khan:

“Rugby councillor investigated over ‘racist’ tweet”

And after looking at Cllr Jim Buckley’s Twitter timeline, Scrapbook reckons he may just win first prize for being Britain’s Nastiest Tory.

For a start Buckley thinks welfare shouldn’t be available for struggling parents:

The article Cllr Buckley links to argues that we should allow poor families to be made homeless because:

“fear of destitution” will lead to “a higher standard of living for everyone.”

So it’s no surprise Cllr Jim is also against helping steel workers facing redundancy:

And he believes tax credits should most definitely be cut, forcing three million working families on the breadline to lose £1,300 a year:

He adores Thatcher — obviously — to the point he thinks the Americans should have her face on their dollar banknotes:

And he thinks it’s “good” that border guards fire tear gas at refugee families:

Which is probably because he thinks all migrants are illegal anyway:

He refers to Corbyn supporters as “cockroaches“:

And thinks free school meals for kids is “stupid”:

He also retweeted an article referring to the minimum wage as a “poisoned chalice”.

And he absolutely loves grammar schools — although he has difficulty in spelling them:

He also thinks the military should be running our schools:

And his most bizarre view — he thinks Jeremy Corbyn might be a Tory secret agent:

Could Cllr Buckley possibly be Britain’s Nastiest Tory? Or perhaps you know one even nastier?

If so, let us know by posting a comment below…

  1. Considering IDS is responsible for changes to disability and working that has caused deaths, I think he takes the moniker. And the piss.

  2. I took a deep breath and had a look at Buckley’s twitter feed. Buckley finds delivering leaflets hard work – The shit-brained skiver.

  3. Finding the nastiest, or should that be ‘the Naziest’ Tory, an almost impossible task as, they are all scumbags of the highest order.

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