reapid reaction force

David Cameron is announcing today the formation of two new 5,000-strong ‘rapid’ reaction brigades for ‘rapid’ deployment missions with the capability to ‘rapidly’ counter threats from terrorist groups such as ISIS:

“We will create two new strike brigades, forces of up to 5,000 personnel each, fully equipped to deploy rapidly and sustain themselves in the field”

But the ‘rapid’ deployment forces will be available for ‘rapid’ deployment from, erm … 2025.

Such rapid action by the UK is sure to have Daesh terrorists quaking in their boots…

  1. Hypocrisy Finder General 2 says:

    “But the ‘rapid’ deployment forces will be available for ‘rapid’ deployment from, erm … 2025.”

    Erm … where in that BBC link does it say 2025?

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