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It has been announced today that David Cameron and senior ministers are to get their own plane for official trips.

Which means Cameron has made a massive luxury jet-powered about-turn on the subject.

Because here’s what one of Cameron’s shadow ministers said about private planes for government ministers back in 2006:

“It sends totally the wrong message for ministers to be spending millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money on official planes at a time when jobs are being cut in the NHS”

And — even though this was before the recession — Cameron’s shadow transport secretary Chris Grayling said paying for ministers to travel in their own private plane was:

“the wrong moment to be splashing out taxpayers’ money on funding the government to travel in style”

Blair’s plans for private jet travel for government ministers were eventually scrapped when Gordon Brown became PM.

Scrapbook wonders what now makes it the “right time” in Cameron’s eyes to be “splashing out taxpayers’ money on funding the government to travel in style”.

Could the “right time” be when he is the one in government?

  1. Geordie Dickson. says:

    It isn’t enough that we are helping to fund two houses, and a luxury car now they want an aircraft to go with it. They should do as we do and fly by the cheapest option. Bet any money that if they were given a set amount for each flight they would fly tourist and pocket the rest.
    Never trust what the tell you at election time, it will never happen.

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