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Yesterday at PMQs Cameron boasted that his government has a “stronger record” than any other on tackling the problem of female genital mutilation (FGM):

“We’ve also done more than any previous Government to help in terms of … preventing the horrors of FGM that don’t just happen in Nigeria and countries in North Africa, they happen here in our country too. I don’t think any Government before this one has got a stronger record on those grounds.”

What Cameron failed to mention however, is how under his government’s cuts, FGM specialist units are in fact being closed down to save money.

In June for example, urogynaecology services at St George’s Hospital in south London were indefinitely suspended and patients turning up for appointments were referred to Croydon University Hospital – which then according to activists simply referred patients back to their GPs.

The move to cut services at St George’s came after the hospital recorded a massive £10m deficit.

But the urogynaecology department at St George’s Hospital is one of was one of the few places in the country which specialises in reconstructive surgery for FGM victims. FGM reconstructive surgery is not only cosmetic. It is often necessary so women can give birth safely.

Yet another example of how Cameron is becoming expert at saying one thing, while doing the exact opposite.

Orwell called this Doublethink

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