Strong words this week from the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust on government plans to allow fracking in, errrr, nature reserves:

“Allowing this activity could have disastrous impacts on European Protected Sites, European Protected Species, Sites of Special Scientific Interest and locally designated sites.

“Once the damage is done there will be no rescue package, we could lose everything.

But Yorkshire Tory Kevin Hollinrake MP — whose constituency of Thirsk and Malton includes the North York Moors National Park — begs to differ:

“We should not ignore what may be the opportunity of our lifetimes.”

Many of his constituents don’t seem to agree.

But with a majority of nearly 20,000, environmental scientists have yet to determine whether he gives a sh*t.

  1. It is the people not corporations who want this BANNED. Please ensure a full ban is in place for all types of fracking UCG. MPs do not have the right to gamble with the environment for generations to come!

  2. They killed Gadhafi and ruined Lybia because he was using oil revenues to give the people a good share of the benefits, grants to buy property, cars etc and he was planning to do the same for a united Africa with its own currency independent of the dollar. What happened to the people of Britain with the oil revenues from the North Sea? Our government sold it abroad and the price of fuel at the pimps went up in leaps and bounds. Genesis 34, work it out for yourselves.

  3. We need a group of individuals dressed up as surveyors and workmen to go to every home of every Tory MP and give them letters from a fictitious fracking company. Then set up the telescopic spirit levels on the edge of their property. When challenged say the new fracking laws the Tories will pass will mean we will start fracking under their homes. The shit will soon stop.

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