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The UK has become the first country to be investigated by the United Nations for alleged “systematic and grave” violations of disabled people’s human rights.  A team of six experts are apparently somewhere in the UK at the moment — carrying out inquiries under seemingly unprecedented secrecy.

Reports at the weekend suggested the team had arrived in Scotland, with plans to visit other cities in all four home nations. Such is the political sensitivity of the investigation that witnesses giving evidence even being asked to sign confidentiality agreements.

The DWP told the Sunday Herald in a statement:

“We are committed to supporting the most vulnerable people in society and spend more than £50 billion every year on disabled people and their services.

“We are happy to inform the inquiry of this.

But when contacted by Scrapbook earlier the department refused to be drawn on the nature of their evidence, citing the confidentiality demands of the inquiry.

So will DWP ministers have the guts to meet with the UN team? Sending civil servants or a written submission would be an embarrassment.

  1. “refused to be drawn on the nature of their evidence”. The government will be busy collaborating with the MSM of this country to undermine/play-down any infractions, and blame it on those claiming benefits whenever possible, but the MSM doing the blaming so it’s without the finger-prints of ‘Dave’ or the Lord of the Undead all over it.

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