Odd that Tory MP Heidi Allen gave such a passionate and heartfelt maiden speech in the House of Commons last night against tax credit cuts.

Because just last month Allen voted for cuts to tax credits. Just as she did again last night.

Of course, Allen’s flip-flopping has nothing at all to do with the fact that in her constituency of South Cambridgeshire, 3,000 working families are receiving tax credits and it is estimated 5,300 children there are going to be hit by the tax credit changes.

Turncoat Allen’s subsequent protestations and attempts to explain her …erm… ambiguous position via Twitter were not entirely convincing either:

In other words, she was speaking out against something she actually voted for. Twice.

Heidi Allen


  1. I was disgusted by this when I found out last night, even messaged her on Twitter to call her a liar. Yet she’s still being mentioned across the media as standing up for people on TC therefore securing votes in future. It’s so two faced its untrue.

  2. How come she voted For the Tory cuts in September? It’s all very well standing and making a nice speech, and then saying she couldn’t support the Labour motion to reverse the decision, which I understand. But why did she vote for the cuts in September? If she felt so strongly, she should have stood up and voted against it then. Or at least, abstain.
    Fine words, Ms. Allen. But actions speak louder than words.

  3. I’m not sure what is worse – this woman’s lying and backstabbing, or the fact that a 40 year old Tory bint appears to be speaking like an utter chav on Twitter.

    Just goes to show that tactfulness and intelligence do not grace us all…

  4. Typical Tory twaddle, say one thing, do another. Liars, thieves, perhaps the biggest despot government this country has had the misfortune not to be voted in.

  5. Trying to keep her support from voters and pleasing her Tory Masters by not voting against getting rid of the tax credit cuts so hypercritical !

  6. Elisabeth Whitebread says:

    I am most definitely not a Tory voter, but I am going to have to stand up for her on this one! In her speech she made it clear that she was not going to vote for the Labour motion to entirely scrap the cuts to tax credits. She said:
    “Because I know that tax credits do need to change, I cannot support the black and white motion that is in front of us today. I’m sorry, but I believe that the Opposition are wrong to say that we must not touch tax credits.”

    That is what she has just voted against, as she said she would. But what she also said in her maiden speech was that the government’s proposals go too far. The government’s proposals haven’t been voted on yet, and Allen has said she’s waiting to see if the government will alter their proposals in light of the criticism from her and others before deciding how she’ll vote.

    Here’s the text of her speech: http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm201516/cmhansrd/cm151020/debtext/151020-0003.htm#15102052000335
    And here’s an interview with her about it on LBC: http://www.lbc.co.uk/tory-mp-heidi-allen-it-needed-to-be-said-118325

    Just to reiterate that I’m not a Tory voter, and in fact I don’t actualy agree with her (I would have voted with the Labour motion), but I do think it’s unfair that she’s being portrayed as unprincipled when she’s just done exactly what she said she’d do.

  7. Which is why you need to demand your Voter Consumer Rights BEFORE you vote for a stranger who is unaccountable to lying under the law.

    If you don’t find someone who will be reasonable..you stand. It’s on; £500.



  9. A thank you to Elisabeth Whitebread for her detailed response. A refreshing contrast to the bile and in some cases vile langauage directed at the South Cambridgeshire Tory MP. To call Tory MPs ‘child abusers’ is downright wrong and I never thought I would hear the word ‘bint’ being used to describe any woman-still a long way to go before we get rid of such spiteful sexist language! Like Ms Whitebread I am not a Tory voter-never have been. It is a shame that the Tory MP did not abstain but I suspect the huge pressure on her from the party Whips. Finally, for all those who indulged in rant and offensive remarks, I hoe they will listen to her LBC broadcast and read the Hansard transcript.

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