Michael Fabricant

Tory Michael Fabricant — who likes to describe himself as “MP dude” — looks to have been whingeing that Jeremy Corbyn reading out questions from real people during Prime Minister’s Questions takes too long:

fabricant pMQs

We wouldn’t want voters’ concerns cutting into MPs’ lunch times.

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  1. Would the RH gentleman like to explain what he thinks his job is if it isn’t to listen to the problems caused by gov policy

  2. Amanda grabham says:

    Must stop him from snoozing while he is sat there !! Lazy ignorant prat is supposed to be working ans listening to what people are saying NOT whining on that it takes too long… another one that needs to be sacked

  3. Many people don’t enjoy EVERY aspect of their job you moaning weasel. Remember WE (the people) employ you! So, as one of your employers I feel duty bound to point out that you really need to sort out your presentation of yourself as a public figure – start with buying a comb and also getting that mop cut and then talk to your underpaid domestic help re non-ironed shirt collars you scruffy oik!

  4. He needs to have a haircut, the fiscal kind that the Tories are imposing on loe income earners with the tax credit cut.

  5. He is obviously being kept from his hairdresser!!

    On a serious note though, Tories do not like the truth of their vile policies read out to them. Figures and statistics are easier for them to swallow!

  6. sally lammiman says:

    Remind him he is employed by the British Public & if he doesn’t like listening to their concerns boot him out.

  7. When questions from ral people are red out – in parliament – it is the first time that this house has been used for the right and proper reasons. Now it was easy to observe the thin and nonsensical responses coming from the Tory benches. Let us have no more talk about the length of time taken – but let us have more time answering questions with real facts in real time. Reality is something that has been missing from the house – it suits the house well and rattles the opposition in its profundity. Corbynites are made in the deprived communities – not in heaven. And each time that David Cameron makes a cynical remark – more join the swelling ranks.

  8. Privilege should be earned .Are we all idiots to put up with derision off these fools that are paid a kings ransom while families starve ..wouldn’t it be lovely if we could all sit in luxury then .. eat a four course lunch with the best wine that someone else’s sweat as paid fot

  9. Simply another indolent Tory MP whose primary concern is that parliamentary business doesn’t interfere with his other paid interests or a paid-for lunch provided by a lobby group.

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