Despite the fact the Conservatives sit in the same European parliament grouping as the Polish Law and Justice Party, public congratulations from Tories seem to be pretty few and far between after their xenophobic European partners won the Polish general election by a landslide yesterday.

Tory MEP Syed Kamall, however, has bucked the trend by gushingly tweeting congratulations to the anti-immigration party  – praising its election success as an “incredible victory”:

Which is a bit strange if you take into consideration two interesting facts.

  • Mr Kamall’s father migrated to the UK from Guyana in the 1950s.
  • Just two weeks ago the leader of the Law and Justice Party Jaroslaw Kaczynski said he was against immigrants coming to Europe because they carry diseases and parasites.

Bit odd too that Tory cabinet minister Sajid Javid — whose own father is of Pakistani descent — was the only Tory to retweet Kamall’s tweet in solidarity.

Perhaps Sajid and Syed are both hidden masters of acerbic irony?

  1. @ThomasPride Immigrants DO spread diseases, as do holidaymakers and healthcare workers. If you’ve got a rational point then please make it.

  2. Ceiliog…… That is precisely the rational and relevant point which this author (Tom Pride?) pointedly failed to make. It’s absolutely NOT not about whether or not travellers of various types spread disease, because it’s fucking obvious that they do.

    Some people prefer to spin the words rather than understand the issues.

  3. FinkNeverEmoteFurst – So do you think this blog made any attempt to address the real immigration and healthcare issues, or just sought to spin the ‘SPREAD DISEASES AND PARASITES’ headline as a party political tactic, whether true or false?

  4. @FinkNeverEmoteFurst: You are guessing the motives of the Polish politician, but you don’t know them, because you don’t know him. I know his biography and I can observe his attitudes and achievements for years. His main interest has been the GOOD of POLISH PEOPLE, and NOT the foreign entities nor foreign migrants, nor anything of the sort.
    He is a strong-spined Solidarity leader who didn’t bend to communists in 1989-90, like the Round Table career seekers did, followed by PO!

  5. Emily – nah. I know his biography too, and Kaczynski’s just a small-minded ignorant populist who is insanely jealous of Lech Walesa’s fame.
    But apart from that …..

  6. Tom – What was the point of this blogpost? Was it a criticism of the despicable points made by Kaczynski and Duda, or a criticism of Tory immigration policies, or just tenuous spinning of one story into another without any opinion at all?

  7. Silly ethnics, how dare they hold opinions that aren’t approved by white middle class lefties! All brown people must approve of immigration!

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