Lloyd Webber tax credits

Tory peer Andrew Lloyd Webber — whose wealth is estimated at around £650 million travelled especially from New York last night to support the government in the House of Lords tax credits debate.

In other words, a multi-millionaire was flown in by the Tories to vote to cut support for the poorest working people in the country.

Such dedication. 

And yet still they lost.

  1. its wrong with out that extra support its un do able u goi g to see people suffering the people are really scraping as it is dont u think weve done our part as the people?

  2. my mother couldnt have done it with out that help and i think the people have suffered enough we scrping as it is whos this idiot and whats he to our financial lives he makes no differance..its really bad that over the top..

  3. cameron is really stirri g the pot. they trying to create distruction and caos well make us think there is caos when its them playing cards at a table thats all it is all this is for one outcome and it blaintant ovious..cameron is gonna go down with a name like thatchers hope his proud of his lifes achivement he will answer to god

  4. Jonathan Wilson says:

    It was funny as hell listening to Giddiot when he made the speech after the loss of two votes, and didn’t he look pale (he’s just realised he’s lost the leadership when Hameron quits), when after being asked multiple questions he gave the same answer “it was the unelected Labour and Liberal peers wot dun it – they are nasty bullies – I want my mum.”

    So Giddiot, what is your answer to world hunger and on going war? “I blame the unelected Liberal and Labour peers”
    So Giddiot, what is your answer to the increasing costs of Trident? “I blame the unelected Labour and Liberal peers”

    He forgets, or didn’t mention deliberately, that is was also the Bishops, the cross benchers, and I believe some of the tories who also voted against him or abstained.

    That he had to fly Andrew Lloyd Webber, a multimillionaire, in from the US, at great expense, so he could vote to cut money to the working poor just perfectly sums up this bunch of Eaton spivs.


  5. …and this is the first time Lloyd Webber has bothered to vote in more than two years. You have to expect a Tory to behave like a Tory, but him treating Parliament and his privileged role within it with contempt is unacceptable.

  6. Russell higham says:

    Well well you really have shone yor self for whot you stand for its like whoching Robin hood all over a gane I wish I wos him I hang the friging lot of you you wherth less pece of scum bags I would clap you all in Chang and leev you to rot sort yor self out be for sum one dos you ar an absolute shower muppets

  7. What I want to know is they are cutting this life line for the poor families of England the very people that keep this country a float I scrimp and scrape just to eat one meal a day and I’ve got 2 jobs just so I can claim tax credits ….. Is this great goverment of ours going to give up their expenses, their second homes that they receive money for ? Probably not are they not a drain on the tax payers money also. Wish I could go out and have a £33 breakfast and charge it to expenses Iain Duncan smith have tea and toast like the hard working people of Great Britain you arrogant ass

  8. I hope each and every person who voted for these vile MPs, only a few months ago, are very proud of themselves. Hang your heads in shame. Please remember this at the next election.

  9. Should put a salary cap on their earnings to the national average see how they like it over paid out of touch idiots

  10. He wants to take in all the immigrants and lay out £24,000 per person, house them and give them a better income than British tax payers but he wants to cut British working class tax credits….. Cameron your a shallow “pig!”

  11. gloria stevenson says:


  12. Long term if the tax credits get cut, it will cost them even more , with more homeless families, more sick people, more unemployed. More family’s & children suffering in poor conditions and even abuse as they family’s fall apart… Downwards spiral for many. MPs have not got a clue what it’s like to live in the real world.

  13. So the man that gave us ‘Cats’ will now be giving us ‘Cuts’? I had admiration for you Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber but not any more. Who will be going to see your shows now? The wealthy of course, because the rest of the population won’t be able to afford it. Well done in attempting to widen the divide ‘between rich and poor’, a name for your new musical perhaps?

  14. Although I am all for cutting the welfare bill, it is something that does need shaking up, but this is a step too far. Which is why the lords have tried to put the kibosh on this, Many Thousands of families will be pushed into deep poverty and as a consequence there children will suffer. These are extremely wealthy people who are funded by us the tax payer to act in our best interests. But making good hardworking families fearful of whether they can feed there children or not is not anybodies interest except for there own….

  15. Most working family’s are already struggling, I struggle each week paying gas/electricity and getting food on the table most people need working tax credit as a top up to keep there head above water. To think these multi millionaires voting to cut this and make us suffer more is unbelievable. Get the torys out now

  16. Its wrong on many levels and I am disgusted that he accepted. I worry for the generations to come. If people struggle under this regime there will be more crime and victimisation and its all orchestrated from this higher level. The tories should be ashamed. I would like to think they are out of touch but feel actually they are in touch and fully aware. They just don’t care

  17. janet mcwilliams says:

    Rember these people work for you the power is in your hands not theirs…if you dont like it do something about it …they work for you.

  18. Why are MPS allowed 2nd homes and claiming expenses to furnish them? Why is so much money paid out in overseas aid the British people were never consulted.

    They are a disgusting bunch of no marks. They are neglecting the low paid families of this country and dismantling the very fabric of this once great country god help us all

  19. I find the number of grammatical errors and spelling mistakes atrocious in the comments here. No wonder most of these people are on benefits and complaining about cuts. Shame they didn’t stay at school and get educated in order to find proper employment.

  20. James Wade – as a fellow pedant I applaud you – you’ve hit the nail well and truly on the head! This is all about grammar and absolutely nothing to do with pushing working families into poverty. I’m quite sure the children going without decent meals will be suitably embarrassed about their parents’ inability to use apostrophes correctly!

  21. Rebecca Hughes says:

    Fed up with supporting people who clearly failed to take advantage of the free education system in this country to better themselves and get a decent job and who then go out and have so many children they can’t support them! Too many people expect to be supported by others,

  22. To James Wade, so who would do all the menial and lesser paid jobs? You maybe able to spell, but so can I and many university graduates can too, but we are still in relatively low paid jobs , still struggling and sill need tax credits to survive! So get your head out if your **** and get in the real world!

  23. Carma will catch up to these people. Your names will go down in history as scum. You fork out all this money on wars and aid and this country will fight back! Good luck you’ll need it..

  24. I don’t know you David walker but iam so with you ? It will bite them all its a disgrace and the kids dill suffer again x

  25. Lets vote for all MP’s to spend 1 year living on the same as the families they intend to cut tax credits too. Once that’s done lets see how quick they would be to cut them if they had to spend a 2nd year living on it to experience how those cuts would work, and no expenses and having to pay their own way to work and back, I am sure they all would change their minds very quick on this subject

  26. Rebecca Hughes – you claim that you are: “Fed up with supporting people who clearly failed to take advantage of the free education system in this country to better themselves and get a decent job.”

    Personally, I’m ‘fed up’ with those who leap to conclusions without bothering to be in possession of anything like the facts.

    Since there are very few comments here from people saying what job (or not) they have, perhaps you’d share with us how you know about these commentators’ lives, since you’re clearly in a position to judge. Indeed, it would seem that you are possessed of marvellous telepathic skills. In which case, perhaps you should offer them to our security services, who would doubtless be delighted.

    In the meantime, perhaps you could contemplate your own logic – a ‘logic’ that you are not alone in pursuing. This country needs cleaners. It needs road sweepers. It needs shelf stackers. It needs bin men.

    These people are probably not going to be earning hundreds of thousands, but they deserve a decent, living wage for doing jobs that need to be done, both for the benefit of society as a whole and for the economy.

    Perhaps, in your haste to witter on about the benefits of education, you forgot to do some thinking of your own.

  27. Marcus Wintets says:

    I did have no opinion on Andrew Lloyd Webber at all, I knew he was a composer and writer and that’s about it. However now I view him quite negatively, what a pompass arrogant horrible man to travel from another country to vote on somthing that will not affect him at all but will ruin the lives of thousands of hard working men and women across the country. I really do not like Andrew Lloyd Webber at all he is an Ar**!

  28. The question nobody has asked is; Who paid to fly him from New York? Was it us? Did the taxpayer fork out to get him ‘home'(?) to vote against the people who paid his fare? This just gets more and more blatant by the minute. Time for this government to go, I think.

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