A mother was shocked to receive an email from her two-year-old’s nursery informing her about what they were doing to comply with the government’s anti-terrorism PREVENT strategy.

Dr Phipps was also disturbed to discover that — in order to comply with Ofsted requirements to actively promote British values — the nursery was currently carrying out a “risk assessment on the potential for radicalisation” of the children.

So here, for your enjoyment, is Dr Phipps’ epic reply to the email:

It should be pointed out however, that this is not the fault of the nursery.

The government has introduced strict rules to “education and childcare authorities” on their need to comply with the new Counter-Terrorism and Security Act 2015 and promote “British values”.

Here’s an extract from the government guidelines to schools and nurseries:

Specified authorities are expected to assess the risk of children being drawn into terrorism, including support for extremist ideas that are part of terrorist ideology.

Very reassuring to see our government’s doing so much to protect us from attacks by two-year olds.

  1. Could you explain how you decide which words to have in bold type? It’s puzzling me why the emphasis seems to be on some very random words. Converting the bold type to capitals to really show the emphasis, gives bizarre results:
    …’the nursery is CURRENTLY CARRYING OUT a ‘risk assessment’…’. How does that make sense?

  2. Sarzwix, could you explain why you’re such a pedant that you miss the entire point of the post? Or maybe that was your aim, to deflect attention from the mind control techniques being employed by the UK government and its right-wing forelock tuggers in the press?

  3. @sarzwix: I find it reassuring that you have managed to wade through all this police state nonsense, targeting what is the real threat to our democratic freedoms – UPPER or lower case. Our future is safe in your hands.

  4. Sarzwix, so the emphasis the author places on certain words is more important to you than the fact that two-year-olds are the subject of totalitarianism? You’re a shill.

  5. Anther Tory Fail ! How about the furry Monstrosity that has invaded TV ads. at a Rumoured cost of several Millions of £’s ? Waster’ in High Offices need knocking out from them !

  6. It seems to me that British values entail being nasty and judgemental toward one another…so nothing much different here really. When people comment about such totalitarian control in a way that runs another down for saying something deemed stupid, or missing the point, then I suggest you take a look at your own values before condemning the governments.

  7. “It should be pointed out however, that this is not the fault of the nursery.”

    Errrmmm…… so why is this entire blog post about the nursery?

  8. If you read about the British Values agenda it’s all about living in modern Britain, rules, democracy, freedom, celebrating diversity etc. can people be upset about children learning about these things??

  9. Glad we were busy developing a thematic integrated K2 curriculum and using Reggio Emilia’s making learning visible. Our preschools for pre k for 3-4 and our K2 children are experiencing hands on, listening, talking and enjoying their childhood in Boston. We have our fair share of crazy rules at the adult level but someone sane kept them out of our schools.

  10. It seems like yesterday, our beloved politicians were imploring us to protect all these ‘vulnerable’ two year olds. We must have gone too far and now they are a threat to national security. Oh dear

  11. I’m not sure where they got the idea that they had to promote ‘British’ values……….?? Does it actually say those words in the strategy. Obviously it’s complete Tory nonsense (what a surprise-but you get what the majority voted for!!). It’s ridiculous to apply it rigidly to all sectors. Was it the word ‘British’ that struck a chord here also?

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