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The patience of police officers in Manchester looks to be wearing thin with continued Conservative Party criticism over the policing of their conference.

Police inspector Ian Hanson has let rip at hysterical Tory MP Nigel Evans after he likened the shouts of protesters to “hate crimes” — and called the response of the force “totally inadequate”:

“Perhaps he would like to tell the communities of Greater Manchester which neighbourhood he thinks should have had the few police officers that are left taken from their streets to provide additional private security for him?

“Things got a bit uncomfortable and we dealt with it – get over yourself Mr Evans, you are no more important than everybody else in Manchester who gave up their police officers to keep you safe”

While protests featuring tens of thousands of demonstrators were marred by incidents of spitting, perhaps Hanson is not the only officer who reckons that Tories such as Evans lack perspective:

Now who to believe.

  1. Christine Brown says:

    Yeah well said Mr Bobby
    You’d think Evans has something against the police the way he’s harping on ??

  2. Thank you Manchester for allowing freedom of speech and democracy to be seen on your streets and thank you to Manchester police for the calm and effective way you kept control without heavy handed tactics which I’m certain the Tory party would have liked. Certain Tory members tried to instigate problems by doing exactly what their own party had asked them not to do…wandering in amongst the protesters with pictures of Thatcher.
    From reports I saw the chanting was a response to dismissive Tory attitudes. In one on site video a Tory member physically grab a Scottish reporter by the conference entrance and this Tory was so crazy with anger and indignation that I thought he would have a heart attack, it was actually physical abuse and I would have insisted he be charged with assault. The police diffused the situation and were calm and none confrontational.
    Well done protesters for standing up against this evil government and well done to the Chief of Manchester police for standing by people’s right to peaceful protest.

  3. Kevin Coughlan says:

    When your party strips the police force down to the bone along with every other public service they can get their hands on, They can’t then shout foul when theres not enough police left to work as efficient to 60.000 protesters.
    It’s about time these free loaders have to put up with the reality of their unjust cuts like the rest of the population in our country.

  4. I’m no fan of Evans, or indeed his party, but that last bit is understating it a little – it wasn’t just spitting, it was everything from rape threats to racist bullying of tories wearing religious headgear. Not saying that they should have pulled more officers in off the streets, but this ‘everything was fine, apart from a few minor incidents’ attitude from the GMP is a little blase, surely.

  5. Who does he think he is? A bloody disgrace and embarrassment to himself and his own party. Does he not realise there’s a gang war going on in Manchester. Yes he probably does but doesn’t care much for plebs.

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