Jeremy Hunt

With the Institute for Fiscal Studies rubbishing claims that an increased minimum wage will compensate for cuts to tax credits (which are effectively a subsidy to employers paying poverty wages) Rowena Mason reports this horrific quote from Jeremy Hunt at a Tory conference fringe meeting:

“Dignity is not just about how much money you have got … Officially children are growing up in poverty if there is an income in that family of less than £16,500.

“What the Conservatives say is how that £16,500 is earned matters. It matters if you are earning that yourself, because if you are earning it yourself you are independent and that is the first step towards self-respect.

“If that £16,500 is either a high proportion or entirely through the benefit system you are trapped. It is about pathways to work, pathways to independence. It is about creating a pathway to independence, self-respect and dignity.

The message: if you are receiving help from the state then you are not worthy of respect.

  1. i cant wait till this party is kicked out of touch they are nasty and have no respect for anyone so why should we vote for them scum

  2. Georgina Harrison says:

    How unbelievably callous and out of touch this government is. Presumably tax evaders and avoiders amongst them and their party donors as well as false/ extravagant expense claimants have their self respect in tact.
    This government would do we to remember that it was only voted in by 24% of the voting UK population.

  3. Lynne Lambert says:

    I have self respect because I work hard. At 61, I work as a sample machinist with a design team, for a corporatewear manufacturer.I earn £11.000 a year on minimum wage, and have to claim Tax Credits to survive. It’s the minimum wage that stops me feelin happy with my life. The National Living Wage will not improve my life.All it will do is cancel out the Tax Credits, leaving me still struggling.Give people the wages that reflect their work….

  4. Natalie Hughes says:

    I never earned £16,500 a year in my life, even when I was managing 30+ people and a budget of a quarter of a million pounds a week. Lucky then that I don’t need to measure my self-respect and dignity by how much money I can earn. I know it may come as a surprise to the tories and their ilk but there are people who value quality of life in terms other than quantity of wealth.

  5. First step to self respect… is being a good slave!
    First step to independence… is working for others!
    First step to dignity… is working for others as a good slave!

    Socialism and community for the masters… Capitalism and individualism for the slaves.

    It’s the money that’s the defining factor
    Billionaire heir who doesn’t work, obviously doesn’t have self respect, independence and dignity. According to Hunt’s logic.

  6. If he has been quoted fully this now means that if you work and receive benefits the government think your not much better than the unemployed in their minds and don’t deserve their respect…Who are they coming to rob next when they destroy the trade unions,workers wages them who don’t need benefits to boost their wages.And Impartial media coverage has gone,that now sounds the same as old Nazi propaganda reels…I can feel some very violent and dark days a head in this society…Maybe Britain’s revolution isn’t that far off…This government is certainly making the sparks to ignite it

  7. Chris Jeffery says:

    Funny then that the co-operative and the charity for older people that I work for don’t think that it is essential for me to gain self respect in this way.

  8. Jeremy,
    Please explain to me how you believe you justify being a multi millionaire, along with most of your front-bench colleagues, and yet you constantly feel the need to take what little those on the lowest wages get?
    If you really believe that we should all earn our money through work, and most of us would agree with you, then surely we need to have a real, minimum, living wage, but also, in order to have enough money to go rround, a national, living maximum wage.
    And a 100% inheritance tax rate.

    What do you say?

  9. If this Bastard Government would make sure that the workers had a decent living wage, then not one person would need Tax-Credits!! My Dad worked hard all of his life and never had any help from any Government Dept. This Moron I would like to meet face-face along with his Boss and the rest of the Cretins in Number’10. They are Vile!! And, in my Opinion “Not Fit for Purpose”. These Cretins are supposed to work for the Good of the people and our Country!! All they are interested in is their own selfless worth!!

  10. Seriously – if this is true its disgraceful. Does he know the cost of childcare? £751 4 weekly for me working 5 days a week, this plus my private rent and council tax, is HIGHER than my wage per month. If I did not get help with childcare I simply could not work – the fact I AM working shows I have dignity and self respect to teach my child doing something is better than nothing, and working hard for that is worth it. With childcare costs soaring, and wages staying stagnant, there is absolutely no way this “trap” can be avoided.

  11. Lol typical Tory politics blame the poor. These self serving arseholes need a taste of reality for the masses. And not just for a week. How any middlevclass Eton/Cambridge educated idiotvcan justify this thoughtcmode is baffling. This way of thinking runs deep look at policies over hundred years. Blame hooligans, young mum, council estates , the lazy undeserving, its sickening that in this day and age where knowledge is accessible to anyone, thatvthey think were stupid enough to believe this crap. No you toryvno marks it is your greed, favor of the capitalist, and structures to keep the masses down is the problem.

  12. Considering the minimum wage equates to £13936 presuming your on a 40 hr week, and with half the country on zero hours contrcts he needs kicking literally into reality.

  13. lynda McCallum says:

    I find the remark outrageous if workers had a decent wage they wouldn’t need tax credits. They are still not going to have a decent wage but you take tax credits away. They are soon going to be as poor as the unemployed. As for the person who said that workers were going to soon be as disrespected as unemployed. Found that in very bad taste this government is setting people against each other

  14. David Dishcloth says:

    I work for the civil service, I don’t earn enough to support my 50% childcare because our pay has been frozen for 5 years. I don’t get the child benefit. I get tax credits, which helps towards my childrens upbringing and education, which ultimately will lead to their contribution to the economy, I feel like taking them away from this system that corrupts them, and trains them to serve. Without the publics’ support these supposed leaders are nothing. They are egos that only seek approval form their own kin, and not from the populace they serve. To hell with them.

  15. Suzanne Smith says:

    In the industrial revolution, the corporations and politicians they paid to keep things that way were making massive profits, while workers were trapped into poverty in dangerous conditions. People in Britain had to fight for a more fair society, which makes the west a desirable place to live and work, but then they’re labelled a socialists, which means it’s considered normal for the few at the top to abuse people and society. The Tories always want to take things to how they were before people fought for a more fair society.
    When Labour brought in the first ever minimum wage, the Tories tried to vote against it, saying any form of minimum wage would be bad for the economy. That was around the time they tried to vote against Labour’s House of Lords reform, to reduce hereditary Lords, as wanted their upper class friends to be entitled to be paid for doing nothing, with expenses. Now they’re saying they’re for a minimum wage, as know all most people remember about politics is the last Tory propaganda headline they read.

  16. Robbie Bentley says:

    I can only hope that we get a load of parliamentary by-elections so JC can walk into the house as PM following a vote of no confidence. Otherwise these despotic would-be Tories risk tearing up the national fabric like not even Thatcher did

  17. He just wants to incite violence in order for the Tories to justify bringing Martial Law to the streets of Britain! We all know this is the Tory Agenda. But it’s one thing they won’t achieve. Jeremy Corbyn is now the Leader of The Labour Party, and will highlight OUR dissatisfaction ie (the 76% of so many more, who didn’t vote for him and his fellow tory lackies). He will do it in Parliament, regarding all aspects of our communities that the tories attempt to destroy, day by day! We will do it at grass routes, we will confront the truth of the real affects these draconian policies have on ‘Everyone’ in communities up and down this land of ours. Keep it up! We are becoming impatient to start the Peace-Filled-Revolution that will have you and your chums running for cover. You have no idea of the meaning of the word dignity! Nor Compassion. I’d scurry under a rock now if I were you! And don’t come out until you have learned to be nicer! Please.

  18. In 2009, Hunt was investigated by the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards after allowing his political agent to live in his taxpayer funded home in Farnham as a lodger from November 2005 to June 2007.[12][13] The commissioner found:

    Mr Hunt was in breach of the rules in not reducing his claims on the Additional Costs Allowance in that period to take full account of his agent’s living costs. As a result, public funds provided a benefit to the constituency agent… But I accept that Mr Hunt received no real financial benefit from the arrangement and that the error was caused by his misinterpretation of the rules.[13]
    Hunt’s offer to repay half the money (£9,558.50) was accepted.[13] Hunt also had to repay £1,996 for claiming the expenses of his Farnham home whilst claiming the mortgage of his Hammersmith home.[13] The commissioner said:

    Mr Hunt has readily accepted that he was in error, and in breach of the rules of the House, in making a claim for utilities and other services on his Farnham home in the period during which it was still his main home. He has repaid the sum claimed, £1,996, in full. It is clear that, as a new Member in May 2005, his office arrangements were at best disorganised

  19. 1. If he really believes that then he woud be raising the minimum wage to fully compensate for the loss of working tax credits, which he is not by a long way.

    2. Respect and Dignity in a civilized society is earned by helping and supporting others, particularly those less fortunate then you; The Tory Party are doing the exact opposite to this.

  20. It’s alright for him to say when you are a multi millionaire and money his no problem people need that to live he has no idea off the real world how bad things are

  21. Jeremy Hunt is right. Healthy people of working age who are on benefits have to hold out their hands to the state for help and that’s not a good place to be emotionally. Employers should be paying workers a living wage so that they can live properly and contribute to the welfare of all instead of taking from it. Benefits are needed for the sick, the elderly and other vulnerable people, but those who are capable of working should do so and should be paid properly. Then there would be no need for the rest of us to support them. Perhaps we should be tackling greedy businesses instead of government. Even ten years ago my lowest-paid employee was paid £15 per hour and everyone was happy. They stayed with me for ages and they knew that I valued them enormously. Hunt is correct about dignity, but that’s really a lesson for employers to pick up and run with.

  22. This total rubbish youcan tell this is coming from some pompous millionaire who has never had to struggle and has no idea what it is like to be without . I work 2 jobs and receive minimum wage I pay rent and council tax and all other household bills without my tax credits then I would not be able to feed my 3 children and I am sure I am not the only person in this position so if people like me cannot feed our children and they end up in care because of the cuts to ta credits is that not just going to put a bigger strain on the system and how would that benefit anyone .This government is nothing more than a bunch of rich snobs who have no idea what its like to live like normal people let them live on what everyday people have to live on for a week and lets see if they where so keen to cut descent working peoples money then . Nothing more than bunch o pompous asses the lot of them .

  23. Linda Sinclair says:

    from next April I will be £25pw worse off becaseu of the Working Tax Credits cuts, despite doing the same job, the same hours and on the same money:(
    How on earth is this “helping Britain’s hard working families” , how on earth is it “making work pay”?

  24. Please explain why the richest in our society are apparently only incentivised by being given lots more money but poorer people can only be encouraged to work by taking away vital support!! How dare this millionaire undermine and denigrate the people of this country who are doing their best for their families.

  25. Its ok for you people in the world of politic your on about £50000 ayear plus most of you got 2nd house and get your ele&gas payed for you not like us we pay our own you wont try live on a low wage you lot make me s7ck.

  26. Michael Matthews says:

    Hunt is everything that is wrong with our nation. A race to the bottom perpetrated by those who I’m sure some would be pleased to see wearing orange jumpsuits with a man with a very sharp knife standing behind them ! Not that I’d advocate their demise, but they don’t care about the underclass they created with their economic policies. Destroy rather than rebuild industries, destroy communities and offer little hope then blame them for their predicament. I despair at the amorality of these gangsters – and don’t think Labour are any better! And don’t get me started on that asocial sociopath at the Taxpayers Alliance. A bloody revolution might not be as far away as you think ! A shame, because we deserve better…

  27. Im thinking that a revolution is brewing. This government cannot be allowed to ride roughshod over peoples lives. They want to drag us back to the feudal system where the lord of the manor ruled supreme. This stops now. They want to systematically cull the working classes by starving them into submission. They are fermenting a volatile brew that will ultimately blow up in their faces as a REVOLUTION. They will push the people of this country to rise up and turn on them. It happened in france and it will happen here. The arrogance of the tory party elite know no bounds. We are heading for a cataclysmic confrontation. When enough people wake up and refuse to be trampled on then we will see the tories resigned to the scrapheap of history. George osborne has his own agenda which is to divide and rule. It is now up to YOU to force through a vote of no confidence in this shambolic charade of a government. If a revolution does occur they will not hesitate to impose martial law.

  28. Jeremy Hunt is as arrogant as the majority of the Tory party. This government have set out to destroy the working class. As for the so called middle class their next. The Tory elite are only interested in serving their own needs. The country is falling apart, our health service is on the verge of collapse, kept going by the goodwill of the staff. Mr Hunt has many sections of the media doing their best to convince us that Hunt ( with his poor record in office) is right, to threaten to impose a contract he says is fair & safe on junior Drs ( highly educated people who we trust with our lives) are wrong & don’t understand the contract. Are we buying this?! We have a chronic shortage of housing & the rise in house prices fuelled by the buy to let market means many people on an average income will never be able to afford home of their own ( though we read after the publication of the Panama papers) that our PM earned £50000 last year renting out his home. Are we still all in this together?

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