Anne McLaughlin with Alex Salmond

An MP who used taxpayers’ money to back her boyfriend’s non-profit consultancy work failed to declare extensive links to a lossmaking charity — and their joint partnership in a business set up to support it.

Yesterday we reported on Glasgow MP Anne McLaughlin, pictured above with Alex Salmond, hiring her own fiancé Graham Campbell — a practise rightly banned in the Scottish Parliament.

Scrapbook has now learned that McLaughlin and Campbell are still business partners in a firm set up to provide services to a charity they used to work for. The pair fulfilled various roles at the African Caribbean Network, before leaving to form a private LLP which claims to act “as the artistic programming team” for the charity.

Newbie MP McLaughlin has not declared the eyebrow-raising arrangement on the register of members’ interests.

Her decision to devote two days of staff time to such groups looks even more dubious given the apparent financial challenges faced by the charity. While their latest accounts show a small surplus, the network racked up losses of nearly £60,000 in the previous three years.

ACC charity losses Graham Campbell Anne McLaughlin

And the evasion doesn’t end there.

Having been given a parliamentary pass by his girlfriend, Campbell is nowhere to be seen on the relevant transparency register despite boasts of advising his clients on “lobbying the authorities to get what you need”.

McLoughlin and the SNP have not yet responded to Scrapbook’s requests for comment — while Campbell immediately put down the phone.

  1. I have really struggled to understand this. an M.P. seems to have hired someone who may be her boyfriend to help a charity which is struggling. All I can see in this and some recent posts is “SNP BAAD”. I’m not Scottish or an SNP supporter, but I am loosing faith in Political Scrapbook which I have followed for a while.

  2. Isn’t the real point that the Scottish Parliament has got this right, whilst in spite of blatant abuses being committed over and over again, the Westminster Parliament still prefers to allow the abuses?

  3. In the previous article, Political Scrapbook said “The SNP are spinning that non-cohabiting partners cannot be declared in the register of members’ interests”, but fails to provide any attribution to anyone, let alone the SNP.

    Political Scrapbook – If you want to criticise political spin, then perhaps it’s best not to do it yourself in the same sentence!!!

  4. I think what is being missed by those who commented above, is that the SNP in Scotland has taken any ‘slight’ misdemeanour, error or mistake made my opposing politicians and exploited it to make other politicians and political party’s look corrupt or dishonest. something which they have down to a fine art. They, on the other hand, are whiter-than-white. It now seems that their own representatives indulge in practices that they have previously scandalised. The point is hypocricy by the SNP, pure and simple. It would appear we can only lambast and scorn Labour representatives in this country.

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