Save Our Steel Redcar

With their local steel plant closing with the loss of at least 1,700 jobs, Middlesbrough F.C. had a new chant to entertain themselves on their 568-mile round trip away schlep to Cardiff this week. Sung to the tune of Lord Of The Dance:

Cameron wherever you may be
You’re not fit to run our country
You shagged a pig
You made it squeal
Get off your arse and save our steel

But perhaps West Ham Aston Villa ‘supporter’ Cameron can have the last laugh.

The Smoggies lost lost 1-0 thanks to a late own goal.

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  1. He needs removing from his post as prime minister before he does the same damage as thatcher did with the miners Hes a liability to the running of this country Im convinced he needs some kind of medical evaluation to check hes suffering from insanity Hes definately dillusional

  2. Get real,all the trade unions in this country should get their heads together and put London under siege, the Westminster Government will only start listening when they are directly attacked. TGWU No fuel or food deliveries within the M25 for a week/2 would get these arseholes to the table. When the people who voted for them start to complain then they will listen. Steel jobs were lost years ago and Thatcher sold the equipment to the Chines, her Tory pals made a fortune. They probably have a buyer lines up for what is left.
    Don’t come out on strike, just do not supply London, let the population of London spend some of their £100000 salary being inconvenienced, by having to travel outwith their bubble.
    They were quick enough to save the banks, the very ones that caused the problem.
    Saving steel would be a lot cheaper. But no gain for the TORIES.

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