Lynne Featherstone

Defenestrated Lib Dem MP Lynne Featherstone Has come over all Al Gore — seeming to claim that she invented the concept of gay marriage.

The former minister took to Facebook this week to complain about David Cameron “claiming credit” for a Lib Dem policy in his conference speech, before adding:

“neither Labour nor Tory have the grace to admit that same-sex marriage came from me. Not in the manifesto, not in the coalition agreement — but from my head to becoming the law.”

Lynne Featherstone gay marriage Facebook

While researching her book, did Featherstone not revisit the extensive debates of whether the Civil Partnership Bill was “gay marriage” in all but name? This legislation received royal assent on 18 November 2004 — nearly six months before she became an MP.

As the BBC reported in March 2004:

“The term “gay marriage” is not used in the Bill, but the Civil Partnership Registration Scheme seems to have been designed to be as close to a marriage contract as possible.”

Indeed, much of the legal (and moral) arguments around the issue had been thrashed out nearly a decade prior to the coalition beginning its consultation on gay marriage.

Credit where credit is due for driving gay marriage through — but this is ridiculous.

  1. Stupid Whig who endorses privatisation of Royal Mail, cuts to corporation tax and other Tory crap.

    A typical Whig bullshitter.

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