Janice Atkinson

Disgraced former UKIP MEP Janice Atkinson, who is now allied to the far-right French National Front in the European Parliament, is looking for a new spin doctor in London.

Downwards expectation management will surely be a vital skill for the successful applicant — with bigot Atkinson labouring under the delusion that the Today programme want to have her on after being chucked out of UKIP amid allegations of expenses fraud. Atkinson denies wrongdoing.

The South East MEP says “precious prima donnas” need not apply. Scrapbook assumes “Ting Tongs” need not apply either.

Janice Atkinson spin doctor advert

Apparently she wants someone who will go the “extra mile”.

Does this mean requesting a £3,000 invoice for a meal which cost less than £1,000 — as The Sun alleges of her staff member at UKIP party conference?

  1. Jon Lisle-Summers says:

    Wow. I’d love this job; sadly, I’m not delusional enough to think anybody would interested in this has-been EuroNazi.
    Anybody with a CV as required by the spec would be aiming much higher than this. Unless it’s somebody who’s done something so foul that they need a bolthole…..
    The child abuse investigations continue space so there’s sure to be at least a couple of dodgy items looking for a cushy sinecure.

  2. She is a Thief, Liar, and hated by ALL of her family.
    Whoever works for her should think very hard about their future, and look into her past first.
    They could start by looking at HER CV.

  3. As she’s still under police investigation any prospective applicant should think very carefully before applying for this post.

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