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Cameron has appointed Lord Strathclyde to look into ways of reforming the House of Lords to make it more submissive to elected governments after it voted to delay cuts in tax credits.

And Strathclyde obviously feels strongly the House of Lords needs reforming to prevent it from challenging governments. This is what he told the BBCs World at One yesterday:

But Strathclyde is going to have a fight on his hands.

Here’s what one peer had to say about reforming the Lords:

“…it is not the job of this House to be convenient to governments or to government Peers. It is the job of this House to test, challenge, scrutinise and, if necessary, to ask the government to think again. If we never did that, we would really have no purpose.”

Which noble Lord was that?

Erm … Lord Strathclyde himself in a debate way back in 2005.

But perhaps Strathclyde (and Cameron) think it’s only Labour governments the House of Lords should be “testing, challenging, scrutinising”?

History would suggest so:
HoL defeats

Or perhaps Strathclyde (and Cameron) are just hoping we won’t notice their flip-flopping and sickening hypocrisy?

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