Today, disgraced former Cameron cabinet minister Dr Liam Fox is keynote speaker at an event organised by the right-wing think tank the Institute of Economic Affairs.

In 2011, Dr Fox was of course forced to resign after the Daily Telegraph accused him of financial irregularities concerning his relationship with his best man Adam Werritty, who accompanied him on trips abroad and worked as his unofficial adviser.

The title of Dr Fox’s speech today will be … erm … The Road to Honest Money”.

Perhaps this report from the  Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards will get a mention:

“By generously allowing his friend full use of his parliamentary supported flat between October 2002 and October 2003, Dr Fox was clearly, in my judgement, giving his friend a considerable financial benefit.

“The benefit his friend thus received was made possible because of the claims which Dr Fox made against his parliamentary allowances to support him in his parliamentary duties.

“That was, in my judgement, a clear breach of the rules.

Could that be Werrity in the corner — just out of shot — looking up the word ‘honest’ on his phone?

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