Michelle Thomson and Nicola Sturgeon

With former cabinet minister Alastair Carmichael fighting an election court case and standards watchdog inquiry after he lied about attempts to damage Nicola Sturgeon with dodgy leaked memo, the SNP have been positively salivating at the prospect of the Lib Dems’ last MP in Scotland being a guinea pig for the Recall of MPs Act:

“Dependent on the outcome of the investigation by the Standards Commissioner into Alistair Camichael MP, the people of Orkney and Shetland could be the first to use the new powers.

But with the SNP’s business spokesman Michelle Thomson forced to resign over a police investigation into property deals, the Edinburgh West MP seems to have succeeded Carmichael as the Scot least likely to make it to 2020. Thomson strongly denies wrongdoing.

Hilariously, Nats in Westminster looked to skewer Carmichael by lobbying the government to fast track remaining measures needed for the first recall — and claiming this had been accomplished “thanks to SNP pressure”:

“Whilst Mr Carmichael has refused to do the honourable thing and vacate his seat, he may soon be the first victim of one of few things his party actually managed to accomplish in government.”

“I think there would have been public outrage if Alistair Carmichael were found to have a case to answer and his constituents were denied the opportunity to recall him because the technical side of the bill had been delayed. Now, thanks to SNP pressure the recall act will be implemented sooner after than later.”

Doubtless the Tories will be only too happy to oblige.

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