Lord Blackwell

There’s a story in The Guardian today about Foreign Office cleaners who have been disciplined — some apparently sacked — after they wrote to Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond about their pay.

Not very surprising the cleaners got no sympathy.

Perhaps someone should have told them that the Chairman of the contractor they work for — Interserve — is Hammond’s fellow Tory Party member, Tory peer and former Thatcher adviser Lord Blackwell?

No connection at all of course.

UPDATE: According to company accounts, Blackwell trousers £150,000 as chair of Interserve and £580,000 as chair of Lloyds Bank. That’s a minimum annual salary of £730,000.

  1. This shows they have no regard for the people and treat us as slaves to do their bidding. Let’s start a peoples revolution and kick these people out, take their waelth and give it to the sick, poor and disabled.

  2. Wealth not waelth, damn fingers do what your told. Argh! I’m talking to my fingers like a Tory talks to the poor!

  3. Poor Peter – it’s “do what you’re told” not ‘your’…
    It appears that your fingers really are plebs! Barely fit for picking a Tory nose, I’m afraid.

    Up the Revolution!

  4. It’s just a typical response you should expect from a tory with the Tories’ born-to-rule mentality. Only when British workers recognise that Tories are their enemy will we ever be rid of them, until then they will just carry on eroding our rights in the workplace, pushing the working poor into poverty, selling our NHS off to their mates and jerrymandering the boundaries to ensure we have indefinite Tory rule.

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