The Tories just announced the formation of the first new grammar school in 50 years — using a loophole in the law to get around a block on new schools with selective admissions.

Erm … didn’t Cameron once describe selective education as dividing children into “sheep and goats”?

“In 18 years of Conservative government, we didn’t create a whole big number of grammar schools because parents fundamentally don’t want their children divided into sheep and goats at the age of 11.”

In opposition, Cameron blocked moves to back more grammars — on the basis that middle class children dominate the intakes at the expense of kids from poorer background.

He knows a thing or two about that.

Cameron now sends his daughter to the selective Grey Coat Hospital School, which is in the top one percent most socio-economically exclusive schools in England — shunning many local children who are eligible for free school meals and awarding admissions points to kids whose parents hold elected posts in the Church of England.

The state school is currently under investigation for, errr, demanding cash payments from parents — the second probe into its admissions process in two years.

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