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A Tory minister charged with stewarding the vile Trade Union Bill through parliament was a shop steward at a TV studio which saw its news output shut down for more than a year by industrial action, research by Political Scrapbook has revealed.

Working as a reporter and newsreader years before entering parliament, BIS minister Anna Soubry has already outed herself as a union rep at Central Television in the 1980s — even attempting to take ownership her past as “a former trade unionist and shop steward” in the Commons chamber.

But given the draconian measures her department is set to introduce, Soubry is likely to come under pressure to clarify her links to an industrial dispute which saw hundreds of thousands of TV viewers denied a promised local news service for, errrrr, twenty months.

ITV franchise Central Television was set to launch on 1 January 1982 offering East Midlands residents dedicated locally-produced news coverage. But industrial action over pay and relocation fees saw this delayed until September 1983:

IBA on Central TV strike

Her LinkedIn shows that she was employed by Central TV during this industrial action — at some point going on to become an official for the National Union of Journalists.

Would ‘Comrade Soubz’ have us believe she was elected as rep after admonishing colleagues for their irresponsibility and advocating a crackdown on union rights?

  1. No, David Cameron was at Carlton Communications, the parent company of the company who replaced ITV franchise Thames TV in 1993. They completely bought out Central in 1994.

  2. I wouldn’t be surprised if her role in the union was an assignment from a certain organisation where she was reporting on her fellow union members to her bosses. Would account for how a union official involved in such a famous industrial action can now be so trusted by the establishment as to be a Tory Minister.

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