David Cameron Peppa Pig

With claims that David Cameron inserted his penis into the mouth of a dead pig during a meeting of a notoriously louche Oxford drinking society on the front of the Daily Mail today, Charlie Brooker had more reason to be freaked out than most.

His 2011 TV series Black Mirror featured a plot line in which the PM was exposed for doing precisely that. Brooker has denied knowing “anything about Cameron with a pig” when he wrote the script.

But there is more weird prescience to be found.

Before the general election, Cardiff indie band Los Campesinos! produced at T-shirt in aid of food bank, refugee and child poverty charities. The image? David Cameron kissing a rancid severed pig’s head:

Los Campesinos Never Kissed A Tory

A re-run of those shirts may already be in the works.

  1. Major and Curry was that just a drinking club ritual, it had to be come on .

    I know the pig was dead, but to think it had to go through this, or was it they could not find a Girl to stop laughing at the size of Cameron’s Dick, so they said get a pig, was of course an old Nazi officer involved was Ed Ball’s involved in this .

    no wonder politician are not worried about the threat of paedophilia scandals they have more serious hidden crimes.

    Laugh I went myself but that could be due to old age.

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