It’s 10:53am and the local steel plant has closed:

James Wharton SSI tweet 1

As a minister and local MP he’s then on the World At One. Serious stuff at 1:03pm:

James Wharton SSI tweet 2

Phew. That was all a bit heavy. You’ve lost your job? It’s okay because Wharton has some EPIC RT-BANTZ!

James Wharton SSI tweet 3

There may not have been a reason for Wharton to break his planned engagement with sixth formers at Egglescliffe School in his constituency.

But was today really the appropriate time to re-tweet a selfie describing himself as a “LAD” — with a hashtag attacking the local paper?!

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  1. I don’t know what you expect? I don’t know about you, but I’d have been pretty happy if my MP engaged with me when I was 17. Similarly, I’d be pretty worried to find an MP that can’t think about more than one thing a day, or desperate to sulk rather than do anything.

    If you want to criticize him, focus on things he’s done (or failed to do). Not a boring and completely insignificant picture he re-tweeted on Twitter.

  2. @Adam Hyde:

    “If you want to criticize him, focus on things he’s done (or failed to do).”

    They have done or have you not bothered to read the other posts on this site?

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