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A company owned by a nationalist MP linked to a mortgage fraud investigation boasted about flogging Scottish social housing to English investors at dramatically reduced prices, Scrapbook can reveal.

SNP business spokesman Michelle Thomson MP has been forced to resign the party’s whip in the Commons in the wake of a police investigation into potential mortgage fraud on property deals in which she profited.

Building a portfolio is thought to be worth nearly £2 million, a Sunday Times investigation (£) also accused Thompson of exploiting desperate families needing a quick sale to pay off debts. This from the register of interests:

Michelle Thomson property

But whatever the outcome of the Police Scotland probe, materials published by her company Your Property Shop Ltd do not augur well for political career — specifically citing Margaret Thatcher before saying of the potential profits from right-to-buy: “Yippee!!”

“Many of these same homeowners find themselves now with huge equity in their homes and are able to sell at hugely discounted rates and still pocket a handsome profit. So a ‘win win’ for both the vendor and the investor. Yippee!!

This hardly sit well with her party’s position on right-to-buy:

“It is vital that we increase the supply of social housing in Scotland and that is why right-to-buy must end.

“Ending Right to Buy, along with other measures in the Housing (Scotland) Bill, will help safeguard housing stock for future generations.”

And what was Michelle Thomson doing to safeguard Scottish housing stock for future generations?

“Many of our investors from England have been surprised at the standard of ex-council property and the estates in which they are situated.

Selling to the English!

  1. The key things here is it was her company that said it, not herself, and it was ex-council housing, so it was no longer council housing stock. Reporters always like to twist the truth to make a headline that they like.

  2. No great surprise from a party whose own leader’s family increased their private wealth on the back of the ‘Right to Buy Scheme’, whilst she denies others the right to buy. This is a party of liars, cheats, bullies, thieves and hypocrites. they will implode sooner than we can presently imagine.

  3. In reply to Anonymous…

    “It was her company that said it, not herself…”

    She is her company, it belongs to her and employs only her & Hubby ergo she said it.

  4. Surely the right wing press should be praising the lady’s business acumen? A third of ex-council homes now owned by rich landlords. Even the son of Thatcher’s ‘right-to-buy’ housing minister now owns and rents-out 40 ex-council homes.

  5. This is the tip of the iceberg. Many of these people elected as SNP MP’s are “shady” to say the least. The SNP are a bunch of liars, crooks and hypocrites. Tartan Toffs, all absolutely loaded, and couldn’t give a toss about anything, apart from YOUR vote. The SNP shame Scotland and it’ll get worse. This “dross” is no better then any other political party, although they think they are perfection. Even if a “RAT” had done something to favour their Independence referendum, it would have been up for selection as an SNP candidate. Shocking. The SNP shame Scotland. The decline has begun,,, tick tock.

  6. In reply to SNP Michelle Thompson apologist Alan,
    Never mind trying to shift things here. We’re talking about what’s happening to ex SNP MP Michelle Thompson NOW,, present day. Tick tock,, tick tock.

  7. Cromwell, what would Oliver have said? He’d have got the guns out!

    Also, funny you should say “tick tock”. That’s a favourite taunt of the Vicar of Bath esp against Scottish print journalism. Wait, here Thomson is gloating with the man [who blames surviving Liverpool FC fans for Hillsborough] about declining Scotsman sales. Tell us, Shelly, whose job prospects – never mind physical liberty – are looking better just now?

    For titillation purposes, Thomson’s sub Homes Under the Hammer firm is a couple of units down at the same business park as the Scottish Solicitors’ Discipline Tribunal.

    There is no going back to the SNP after that.

    I don’t mind rentiers, or even Thatcher economics per se. Money makes the world go round.

    What sticks in the craw is her talking the talk of social justice/democracy whilst profiting from what she claims to abhor (specifically right-to-buy in her case); and claiming to be a Scotland-first Nat who boasts as this article shows about selling Scottish assets to English investors – when, in fact, she’s a two bit property spiv who wouldn’t get onto Homes Under the Hammer.

    True capitalists invest and risk their own money. She did not. She went for the easiest targets and bankrolled it through smoke ‘n mirrors to made sure she got a few quid under false pretenses.

    I approve of capitalism. I am economically right-of-centre. Michelle Thomson is a two bit spiv and wideboy (sic). The unacceptable face of capitalism.

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