IPSA expenses Barclaycard

The full MP expenses for 2014/15 are out. This year IPSA has included a list of MPs who have run up bad debts to the taxpayer through over-claimed/ineligible expense claims — including via publicly-funded corporate Barclaycards.

They have all been contacted several times — but have refused to pay it back.

  • 26 MPs or former MPs have sums outstanding
  • 13 Tory MPs owe £953.43
  • 12 Labour MPs owe £942.82
  • One Lib Dem owes £209.18

If HMRC or DWP don’t get their money then they send the boys round:

Talking of which, every single one of the Tories voted for the Welfare Reform Act and/or the Welfare Reform and Work Bill — the framework for the current welfare regime including sanctions.

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