Weakling Wharton

With devastation set to hit Teeside in the wake of 1,700 job losses at the local steelworks, the credibility of the so-called ‘minister for the northern powerhouse’ has sunk to a new low after he claimed the issue was “not his responsibility” — despite also being an MP for the area.

James Wharton told TFM radio:

“I’ve not heard calls for my head. Steel policy’s not my responsibility.”

The news comes after Wharton missed a debate on the UK steel industry to attend a business dinner — outrageously accusing other MPs fighting to save the SSI plant in Redcar of “showboating”.

And having been feted by fellow Tories for turning his ultra-marginal Stockton South constituency into a 5,000 majority for his party, Wharton now been warned that his own jobs is now under threat:

When there is good news, Cameron and Osborne are on site with their hard hats and hi-vis jackets — but are nowhere to be seen when an entire community is standing on the brink.

  1. Sadly with the history of the UK steel industry, the site’s foreign ownership and it’s poor financial track record, and the world demand slump, this is almost certainly terminal, but this clown could at least explain the whys and wherefores instead of playing the ‘not me’ card.

  2. Do you like to wipe out steel works in the local area as you could have helped but you are constantly up your bosses ass bum licker

  3. Somebody voted him in. What in hell is a Tory doing in a northern seat anyway. This must be the worst government ever and somebody voted them back for a second term. I shudder to imagine what our country will be like by the time we have a chance to vote them out in 2020.

  4. He deleted posts and blocked SSI employees comments when they questioned him over it. Even though they were unbassive.

  5. Didn’t he also say the failure to electrify northern rail lines after all was also “not his responsibility” ?

    Might be one to watch

  6. Just what is your responsibility Mr Wharton, as it certainly does not
    Seem to be your constituents in the North.

  7. If the steel industry was based down south I ? Whether the government would intervene! I think sadly your comment re responsibility will stick in the throat of many a lot of these people will have voted for you MR Wharton and as for a northern power house it’s a joke!

  8. As someone who has worked within European funding regimes, written and managed ERDF, SRIP and ESF bids and Programmes – I call bullshit on your comments on State Aid. The North-East was an Objective 2 area and as such had exemptions where there was potential catastrophic economic failure in strategic industries. Such as Steel. There is no additionality here. This is too big to fail and NO other European country would walk away from this and leave it to the market. Make no mistake your argument about its place in the global steel market is apples and oranges. Chinese steel that has flooded the market and destroyed our industry is beyond poor and is regularly failing after ten years – as opposed to Teesside steel which built the world and still stands as a witness. So after damaging our economy you reward the Chinese by giving them rail contracts and Hinkley Point? Where exactly did the market work here? The short sightedness of this is breath-taking but hardly surprising from someone who knows the cost of everything and the value of nothing. If it was a bank you’d be pumping telephone numbers of cash into it irrespective of its trading position. As a Teesside MP you shouldn’t be just laying over and playing dead. And your comments about ‘men standing on a beach’ just serve to highlight what a shit you are. From your privileged position you have no idea of the personal impact this will have – not that your three nippled cousin fucking sociopath party, led by a necro-beastialite and cokehead towel folder give a toss about Teesside anyway. This will not only affect the 1700 hard working families immediately affected, but also the 1300 hard working sub contractors and the unknown amount of hard working anciliary support, hard working local businesses and the hard working people you claim to represent that will suffer. You might have been educated in the best school in Teesside but you clearly don’t belong here and the people in Ingleby Barwick and Yarm who put you in a position of power will live to regret it as they begin to lose their homes. Northern Power House my arse. ‪#‎westminsterscum‬

  9. hope those that voted the cons are happy now ..Mr Wharton got his 15% pay rise .you voters didnt .He keeps his job and home .you voted people out of a job and home ..if his mental attitude is not being responsible as all tory MPs do .think again .he is responsible .its his job !!!!…make him pay ..force him to leave and resign from his position …I WANT MR WHARTON TO RESIGN AS MP OF STOCKTON SOUTH NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I’m sorry but what the f**k do you expect when you vote in a Tory as the MP for Stockton South? And if you didn’t bother to vote then you as good as voted for him. If you wanted to protect your industries you should have voted for someone who knew about them, and who would fight for them. According to his website this individual “has always been proud of our nation, its history and its diversity and has a particular interest in defence matters and the armed forces as well as regional economic regeneration.” That’s OK then. His interest is regeneration, not protection. So don’t ask him to fight for 1700 jobs in a nearby constituency because he is not responsible. Too right he’s not.

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