Touching scenes from the Labour Party conference platform, as Jeremy Corbyn and shadow chancellor John McDonnell personally free a conference delegate — former Falmouth and Camborne MP Candy Atherton — after her electric wheelchair had lodged itself on AV equipment.

Insert your own Iain Duncan Smith joke.

  1. Jonathan Wilson says:

    Can you imagine if this were on the cun’servative stage…

    IDS would probably shoot her, and Cameron would demand the plebs pushed her off stage, out of the way of hard working, and pig shagging, tories.

  2. “Touching scene” ? Hardly, the wheelchair wouldn’t have gotten stuck if the AV equipment had been placed in a more convenient space. Really this seems more of an example of abled body people being congratulated for doing the bare minimum for the disabled community. The speaker seems clearly embarrassed at having to be “rescued” and the applause at the end is just ridiculous. It’s a little reminiscent ( though I don’t intentional) of the idea that disabled people should be grateful that concessions are made for them and not expect them. The way this is being portrayed seems to be “oh this poor disabled person saved by Jeremy” again probably not intentional but it does feel like a disabled person being used as a prop.

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