Iain Duncan Smith budget

Iain Duncan Smith is to face MPs for the first time since thousands of claimants were revealed to have died within days of being declared fit for work — figures which his department tried to cover-up for two years.

Stats released suggest that 90 people per month are dying after Work Capability Assessments block them from claiming sickness and disability benefits.

IDS will have to parry a barage of questions on the health of claimants. The below is a selection of the written questions, with MPs allowed to follow up on topical matters — including the death figures.

Emily Thornberry (Islington South and Finsbury)
What information his Department holds on the number of people in the work-related activity group who have long term deteriorating health conditions.

Louise Haigh (Sheffield, Heeley)
What recent assessment he has made of the effect of work capability assessments on disabled people

Dr Philippa Whitford (Central Ayrshire)
What assessment he has made of the implications for his policies of the statistics on people who died after claiming employment and support allowance published by his Department on 27 August 2015; and if he will make a statement.

Kate Osamor (Edmonton)
When he plans to publish statistics on the number of people with disabilities claiming benefits who take their own lives.

The scandal is the second to rock DWP this summer — after the department was caught fabricating quotes from claimants saying the sanctions regime helped them.

UPDATE: Covering himself in glory …

  1. Disabled People Against Cuts are running a series of articles on IDS, “The IDS Files”. posts include :

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    there are more articles in the series to come, search #IDSFiles

  2. Has IDS conveniently forgotten the 10,600 people who died 2010 – 2011? ALMOST 100,000 PEOPLE DEAD!!!! Sack him! he is not fit for purpose. Some of these human beings have STARVED TO DEATH IN THEIR OWN HOMES! And IDS knew what he was doing. This is more evil than jack the ripper!! Bedroom tax Stephanie Botrill threw herself under a lorry because she couldn’t afford the pathetic bedroom tax! THE WORST THING ABOUT ALL THIS IS ‘WE’ – THIS COUNTRY – DO NOT NEED AUSTERITY! BEDROOM TAX! OR ANY OF THE OTHER SUPPOSED REFORMS!! THE MONEY IS ALL AT THE TOP OR STORED IN OFFSHORE ACCOUNTS!!! THIS IS ALL AN ‘IDEOLOGY’ OF THE TORIES TO SOCIALLY CLEANSE VULNERABLE PEOPLE IN THIS SOCIETY!!! NONE OF THEM SHOULD BE IN GOVERNMENT BECAUSE THEY HAVE NO CARE FOR THE PEOPLE – THAT IS THEIR JOB TO SERVE THE PUBLIC IN THIS COUNTRY NOT KILL THEM!!

  3. Jeffery Davies says:

    His aktion t4 has surpassed that of the summer of 41 yet we now get to the debating it in parliament while the cull stills goes on isnt it about time parliament stood up no more to that day but these figures you bet rtu ids has had them doctored jeff3

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