Iain Duncan Smith: not cheering anymore

No double fist pumps today, Iain?

Iain Duncan Smith cheering

Labour MP Debbie Abrahams:

“Two weeks ago the work and pensions secretary’s department not only admitted to falsifying testimonies in a leaflet but they also published data on deaths of people on sickness benefit which showed they are four times more likely to die than the general population.

“This was after the secretary of state told this house that this data did not exist. Given this and his offensive remarks earlier this week referring to people without disabilities as ‘normal’, when will the prime minister take control and respond to my call for the work and pensions secretary to be investigated for breaching the ministerial code?

Don’t hold your breath.

  1. I would never hold my breath you can die waiting for politician to speak, being disabled myself I’ve given up with al,political parties to be honest.

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