The Simpsons: Ha ha!

George Galloway wants an apology:

“My position is that the Labour party must rescind my expulsion and effectively reinstate me. I could ask for an apology, but I won’t.”

Labour spokesperson:

“George Galloway has not applied to rejoin the Labour party and he will not be receiving an invitation.”

So it looks like the past week’s sycophantic re-tweets — including figures who voted for the Iraq war and encouraging Labour membership — were for nought:

George Galloway: if I re-tweet you will you let me back in?

According to The Times (£) his Labour opponent in the general election — now the MP for Bradford West — literally LOL-ed at the suggestion that he could be welcomed back.

Back in April, Galloway saw an election hustings as a fitting venue to publicly accuse her of lying about being forced into a violent and sexually abusive marriage.

  1. There are better ways to be a “sycophant” than to re-tweet opinions you happen to agree with. Scrapbook’s vendetta against Galloway is frankly a joke

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