Re Wolf Hall director comments on privatisation

The award winning director of Wolf Hall has revealed his “shouting match” with a cabinet minister over Tory plans to “dismember” the BBC.

Peter Kosminsky blasted culture secretary John Whittingdale in a personal meeting this Thursday — accusing the Conservative Party of looking to extract revenge over BBC election coverage.

Kosminksy told the Radio Times Festival yesterday:

“I think it’s a bit of payback for the way the BBC covered the General Election and the row about the political debates.

“They are trying to eviscerate the BBC and it is not their BBC, it belongs to the British public.

The news of the row comes as Whittingdale has been exposed for misleading an audience of media industry professionals at the Edinburgh Television Festival, claiming a month ago:

“The ownership of Channel 4 is not currently under debate.”

But guess what:

Technically he didn’t actually lie. There’s no debate — they’re just drawing up options to privatise it in secret!

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