Pig mask

Well that didn’t take long. Planned demonstrations outside Tory conference are already taking on a porcine theme in the wake of claims that David Cameron stuffed a dead pig with his own meat and two veg while at university.

An email today from the People’s Assembly Against Austerity — who are planning the rally in Manchester — seen by Scrapbook reads:

“With the revelation of our Prime Ministers fondness of dead pigs while at Oxford University, in an initiation ceremony for a millionaire’s secret society, we’re running a competition for the best pig mask on the National Demonstration at the Tory Party Conference on Sunday 4 October.

For those who are “not the creative type” the organisers have helpfully provided a link to the printable pig mask shown above.

While Number 10 are refusing to officially comment on the allegations, sources have tried to rubbish the story — claiming that he wasn’t a member of the debauched ‘Piers Gaveston Society’.

As for the protest, this blog would love to see our suggestion from last night adopted:

Does anyone know where we can get an inflatable helium pig?

  1. Would it be really safe to wear a pigs face mask at a Tory conference. My advice is if you do keep your mouth closed.

  2. Am I going to stoop to childish gutter politics by wearing a pig mask at the rally?……….. sure! sounds like fun hahaha

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