Iain Duncan Smith: liar, pants on fire

David Cameron has backed Iain Duncan Smith in a row over the benefit claimant deaths, refusing to open a Ministerial Code inquiry despite IDS’ failure to give “accurate and truthful information” to parliament.

Back in June, IDS told the Commons that his department didn’t hold data on disability and sickness benefit recipients who had died within six weeks of their claims being rejected:

“She knows very well that the Department does not collate numbers on people in that circumstance

Unfortunately for IDS, however, his own department had … errrr … already admitted that it did hold this information and planned to publish it at some point in the future.

In a letter Debbie Abrahams MP, Cameron also denied that Duncan Smith had “allowed a culture to be established in which it is acceptable to lie”.

It’s safe to say that this is one area in which he is showing real leadership:


Cameron letter on claimant deaths

Cameron letter on claimant deaths

  1. DC & IDS are lying murdering bastards and deserve nothing more than a lingering , agonisingly slow death and that of their families that support their murderous politics .

  2. I so hope the gullible fools who voted this cretinous bunch of sociopaths into power see the error of their ways and that their conscience takes over next time there’s an election

    (yeah I know, I’m a dreamer)

  3. This goverment are nothing more than a bunch of liars and have no compassion for the most vulnerable in our society they have no shame they only care about the wealthy like corporate bankers etc who line there pockets it’s time we showed them for there true colours

  4. Debbie should write to the Queen and demand that she abolishes the Cabinet as they have been caught lying and covering up the killing of innocent people. She should also point out to the Queen that the Tory government are being investigated by the UN and this is seriously embarrassing for the United Kingdom.

  5. This Government are draconian they are involved in stealing public property by abusing their position and murdering the public the evidence is of abundance i have done a full investigation and this has come to be true .

  6. What has IDS got on Cameron , nothing sticks to him , all his lies mistakes murders and cost to the taxpayer and the scumbag still gets the PM s backing and stays in his job . Only in the UK . I hope the UN wipes the floor with the pair of them . I would not pee on them if they were on fire in the gutter .

  7. I spent my adolescence in the 80’s living in Selby the son of a miner. I remember how Thatcher stripped away whole communities dignity and self worth and the legacy is a generation of Drug Addicts out of work. This lot are even worse than Thatcher. These horrible, evil and vile charlatans have no problem destroying the sick and disabled and creating a real dog eat dog society. I am ashamed that our country is so selfish and greedy that they vote this bunch of reprobates into office. It says everything about us as a nation and I do not recognise or support these values that the Tories hold.

  8. In fairness to DC and IDS, (a concept they may very well find confusing) they have few words that haven’t been vouchsafed to them from Rupert M via the nether mouth of Rebbeca Brooks. Therefore, they are only lying inasmuch as they are relating policy mendacity.

  9. This constitutes a cover-up as evil as the paedophile ones. The people they were elected to serve are starving, made homeless & dying as a result of bad & ideological policies that have no factual or evidential basis. Even their own reviews tell them the harm that is being done, yet they will not apologise nor correct the errors.

  10. Cameron, Do not forget, that neither you or IDS are Judge, Jury and Executioner as you appear to assume that is your role, your regime along with atos and the dwp have sentenced thousands of innocent men, women and children to lives without food or shelter through no fault of their own, your actions are not only cowardly, they are acts of treason against the people of Great Britain, in time you and IDS will face a legitimate court of law, with a legitimate Jury, this tory government is not untouchable, the people will decide.

  11. I wouldn’t believe a word either of these shits said , they are cleansing disabled and poor so they cant live then they will come up with more tory shit to kick them in the bollocks again

  12. They always have the MSM to lie on their behalf, spreading fear and disunity, for example the last election, and currently with daily lies about Corbyn (“threat to national security” etc.).

    We have been educated to be stupid for the last 30 years, with our school systems encouraging rote learning for exams, rather than education and thought, from the start through to and including A levels. With that in mind, they can then provide single-narrative MSM coverage, Sky TV, eternal austerity (all Labour’s fault, not the US and UK bankers at all), and eternal war (both secret – UK special forces dressed as jihadists attacking Syrian government forces – and open) so it’s no wonder there will be a high proportion of society that are brainwashed enough to vote Tory, against their own interests.

  13. Debbie Abraham have kept up immense pressure on this governments failings and Cameron still thinks he’s leading this country in a better way? hmm i’m sorry but any PM who tries to cover up fatal mistakes and lies with the members in his cabinet just tells you how very corrupted he and the rest of the Tories are?

  14. Cameron is ids, ids is Cameron neither are fit for human existence, causing death in ignorance relates to manslaughter continuing to do so is outright murder so why has neither been charged, my next comment is a post explaining exactly how their decisions will kill.

  15. Very cruel government , these cretins supposed to care and work for all , we all know they are liars and they need to be ousted

  16. Stella Ridgway says:

    What does IDS know, or information on Cameron does he have? The man is a political nightmare, but seems to be made of Teflon

  17. Stella – It wouldn’t surprise me if Duncan Smith was black mailing certain Government officials
    he seems to have lots of protection from his security guard and the PM as well?… something fishy is certainly going on between him and Cameron that’s for sure!!

  18. Evil lying nazi bastards who prey on the poor disabled and vulnerable. Their evil ways will be exposed. God will judge them come the hour.. meanwhile decent folk should stand up against evil tory tyrants.

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