Sad Boris

Supposed darling of the Tory grassroots Boris Johnson has crashed to a new low in Conservative Home’s regular survey of party members’ preference for their next leader.

Having previously looked to be the heir apparent, Bozza’s hopes look to be crumbling fast — slumping from first place in May to fifth today, shedding 11 points in the process.

ConHome next Tory leader

He’s even behind Liam why-don’t-you-talk-to-my-friend-Adam-about-that Fox.


  1. How on earth can even one person think Osborne would make a good leader? He’s an even bigger public school tw*t than Cameron and has made a complete hash of being Chancellor (which will be proven beyond doubt when interest rates rise and his artificially created housing bubble bursts). It really does show Tories are divorced from reality.

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