A journalist from the Times or Sunday Times looks to have registered an Ashley Madison account to parliament’s postcode in an attempt to unmask Westminster’s philanderers, analysis by Political Scrapbook would suggest.

Ostensibly aged 25 when her account was registered in May 2007, ‘floatyskirt’ might well have been a parliamentary staffer looking for some fun:

“love you to run your fingers up my thigh … I only respond to custom messages, no winks … and pictures help, guys x”

Pictures certainly do help — especially when you’re actually a Murdoch hack looking for a scalp.

Not only does the email address given make a clear reference to the trade of journalism, but the IP address used to register the account resolves to … can you guess?

News UK Times Ashley Madison IP address

Ironically, this is the same newspaper group that later turned down the Brooks Newmark WhatsApp sting — for which the Sunday Mirror were later cleared of wrongdoing — over concerns that that the techniques used may have amounted to entrapment.

How refreshingly pre-Leveson!


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