So David Cameron has awarded moat-cleaning-on-the-taxpayer Tory Douglas Hogg a peerage.

In a wholly dodgy arrangement negotiated with the Commons Fees Office in 2004, Hogg trousererd one twelfth of the maximum second home allowance each month on the basis that the costs of running his country manor far exceeded claimable limits.

He even sent them a ten-page letter detailing the costs of running the estate over three years:

“Whilst some items may be disputable as to whether they do or do not fall within the allowance, I would suggest that it is certain that allowable expenditure exceeds the allowance by a sizeable margin and consequently we need not spend too much time on debate.”

Bills cited by Hogg included:

  • £2,000 moat cleaning
  • £18,000 for a gardener
  • £40 piano tuning
  • £200 annual Aga cooker maintenance
  • £4,500 for ‘machines and fuel’
  • £1,000 for lawn mowing
  • £700 fees for a ‘mole man’
  • The costs of running his housekeeper’s car
  • Thousands in repairs, including for his stables
  • £93 for tongs
  • Insurance costs

He was knocked back by the House of Lords Appointment Commission when Cameron nominated him 2011 … what’s changed?

  1. Yep now it’s all out of the public spotlight it’s corruption as usual amongst those most likely to afford to pay their way themselves….we should abolish all elected officials and by law be forced, all of us, to vote for every issue on the internet…then democracy will be more like ancient Athens involving all the people…and we can ostracise, like they did in Athens, freeloading bloat Bastards like Hogg.

  2. Just goes to show that this corruption and greed have no boundaries’
    Sadly that really applies to all of them and the ROT always starts at top (CaMoron)

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