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A local Tory party deputy chairman posts an advert on W4MP hoping to enlist at least nine months of (free) help from a “volunteer campaign manager”. Those looking to take on this challenge will be subjected to a rigorous selection process:

“Acceptable applicants will be put on a long-list and will be interviewed by phone. The five most suitable applicants will then be short-listed and interviewed in person.”

Scrapbook reckons this local association might be slightly more grateful for the help in the thankless task of getting Tories elected in, errrr, Hartlepool. The ad even suggests they are after someone with a degree:

“Applications from students and recent graduates are particularly welcome.”

This arrangement might be vaguely tolerable … if the manager and beneficiary of this whole process was not a 17 year-old Tory Boy who is still in college.

Entitled Conservative Future regional chairman Isaac Duffy boasts to the Hartlepool Mail:

“I understand more than anyone the problems faced by working people”

Not that you would gather this from his output on social media, which is more about quaffing Bolly and — we are not making this up — dining with European royalty in the House of Lords:

Isaac Duffy champagne tweet

Isaac Duffy with Serbian royals

We hope young Duffy gets the AS level results he is hoping for today.

UPDATE: Perhaps not!

  1. Zara Shaen Albright says:

    Not the Bollinger bullshit again…

    I’m the recepient of this infamous champagne bottle that has caused so much scandal. It was a present for me and my Mum, because we let him stay at ours over conference, which considering my mum is a Labour voter, he was very appreciative, as hotels in Birmingham cost an arm and a leg.

    Probably shouldn’t have put it on Twitter, but come on, this is the biggest non story ever.

  2. I’ve never read so much nonsense in my life. Young person gets involved in politics and gets mocked for any little thing. And you wonder why young people don’t get involved in politics? Picking on someone because of their A Level results as well? That awful name “gutter journalism” is thrown about a lot these days, but this really is it.

    You don’t know who he is or anything about him yet you’re going to make assumptions based on nothing. Pathetic, it really is.

  3. Having known Isaac for many years I’d say this story gives a very accurate description of the pretentious little brat.

  4. Leon French, he is mocked because he is calling for recent graduates, when he is a mere kiddie.

    It would be ludicrous if it was Labour, Greens UKIP as well.

  5. Another typical bullshitting rat in the torys who are closing hospital and preparingvtax rises. But it is ok the north east is the brexit job loss sacrifice.

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